Survival of the Fittest

Mystique disguises as a security officer and infiltrates the Strokes County Maximum Security Facility, releasing Juggernaut, who is intent on seeking revenge from Charles Xavier.

The students of Bayville have been sent to attend Iron Back Survival Training Camp. Due to his “scholastic achievements” Scott has been nominated to be team leader, much to the dissatisfaction of the Brotherhood. After being dismissed, the X-Men spend the next few minutes complaining about having to go through with the camp. Scott and Jean seem like the only ones remotely enthusiastic about the camp, and Scott comforts the group by telling them that the professor “endorses the place”.

On the training course, the two alpha males Scott and Lance compete intensely against each other. Lance sets off a little earthquake throwing Scott off balance and into the water as the former takes the raft across the river to the finish line. The X-Men get upset over Lance using his powers to cheat to win. Jean dissuades Spyke from “popping” Lance’s raft, telling him they agreed the professor not to use any powers. Scott proves Jean (and her ethics) wrong by toppling Lance’s raft with his optic blast, and reaches the finishing line first. The X-Men and Brotherhood get into a huge argument.

As punishment for misbehaviour, both teams of the X-Men and the Brotherhood are ordered to scale Mount Humiliation starting from opposite routes to retrieve the flag at the peak. All team members must be accountable for at the peak, and a snapshot as proof.

Scott and Lance are still butting heads when Jean interjects. Scott tells her he is tired of playing by the rules and letting the Brotherhood get away with cheating. Lance challenges Scott to that expedition without the use of their powers to which the latter agrees. Scott drags a still preaching-ethics-Jean away by the arm.

The professor discovers the Juggernaut has escaped and is headed for the Institute. He sends Storm to fetch the X-Men.

While the X-Men race up the mountain by foot, the Brotherhood makes use of Blob’s strength to scale the mountain vertically. Scott gets Spyke to spike the rope up to the top. A disaproving Jean chooses to climb the mountain without the aid of any powers or equipment. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood find an abandoned mine with a ladder that leads to the top, but in an effort to dislodge the rocks covering the exit, Lance causes the shaft to cave in instead. The rumbling throws Spyke off the side of the mountain, and while Jean uses her telekinesis to rescue him, she refuses to levitate the team to the top, saying the contest isn’t “about life and death”. The X-Men find the Brotherhood stuck and proceed to rescue them. While Kurt and Pietro fight for the flag, Storm arrives to tell them the professor and Mystique are being attacked by the Juggernaut.

The X-Men and Brotherhood return to defend their respective mentors. Fighting together, they eventually defeat the Juggernaut.

Scott and Jean accompany the professor and Logan to the Security Facility to ensure the Juggernaut is safely contained in his holding cell. Scott wonders why the Brotherhood can’t look past their differences and fight alongside them instead. He and Jean get really comfortable joking and teasing each other (with not-so-subtle flirting).

Jean: “Well, it’s like Logan said, you can’t control the will of others.”
Scott: “Yeah, I know. Hey, maybe they’ll come around. Hey, and you can be their conscience, you’re pretty good at it.” (Nudges Jean.)
Jean: (Giggles and shoves at Scott.) “Shut up! Hey, even good guys need a nudge once in awhile.”
Scott: “Jean, whenever you think I need it, nudge anyway.” (Puts arm around Jean’s shoulders.)