Shadowed Past

Rogue has a nightmare which involves Mystique, Magneto and a baby which she later reveals to be Kurt. She awakens the whole mansion with her screams and cries. Scott and Jean are the first to arrive together (a dominantly prevalent pattern in Evolution).

Jean and Kurt accompany Rogue to see the Professor. Xavier probes Rogue’s mind to try and make sense of her dream. Kurt gets excited and is eager to know more about the mystery of his real mother. But Xavier chooses to hide the secret from Kurt that Mystique is his mother and confronts Mystique himself instead. He also orders Wolverine to investigate the castle in Rogue’s dream.

Kurt and Rogue have a little argument in the hallway. Rogue, knowing that the woman in her dreams is Mystique, tries to discourage Kurt from wanting to find out more, but Kurt gets upset about the truth being hidden from him. He reveals his true form in the seemingly empty hallway and bamfs away. Scott and Jean (sense a pattern here?) appear on site just as Kurt teleports away. The three of them set out to find Kurt. Unknown to them, Mystique is spying in the hallway disguised as a student.

Mystique hands Pietro a envelope and orders it to be delivered to Kurt. Kurt reads the message in the envelope and teleports away. Scott discovers Kurt is missing. Pietro is keeping Magneto informed of the situation via cellphone while Wolverine infiltrates the castle which contains a DNA lab. The castle self-destructs as he escapes.

By mere coincidence (or not), Scott meets Jean in the hallway. He tells Jean that Kurt has disappeared and the Professor wants them to find any clue as to where Kurt went as Xavier had sensed Quicksilver’s intrusion. Scott and Jean proceed to do a quick search of Kurt’s room. They find the letter, and suspecting that Kurt might have landed himself in trouble, they round up the X-Men.

Kurt arrives at the construction site alone, and meets a mysterious cloaked figure. Mystique reveals herself to a disbelieving Kurt that she is his real mother. Suddenly, the Brotherhood attacks Kurt. Mystique claims that she has nothing to do with the Brotherhood in this case. The X-Men appear in the nick of time to rescue Kurt. The X-Men and Brotherhood battle, as always. Scott and Jean tag-team to take Quicksilver down. The Brotherhood defeated, they corner Mystique, but she escapes in the form of a crow.

Wolverine, Scott, Jean and the Professor are in the library reflecting on the day’s events. Kurt is still distraught and Rogue offers some comforting advice.