Grim Reminder

Logan is having nightmares about his past.

Kitty is learning to adapt to living at the Institute with other students who are mutants just like her. But she is finding it “crowded”, especially when trying to find some personal space to write to her parents. Starting with having a room mate.

Kitty manages to steal some quiet moments to herself in the kitchen before everyone swarms in for breakfast. Logan sees a news report of the closing of a Canadian National Park to investigate destruction by a mysterious creature. This triggers a rage in him.

Kitty writes about the students, from “immature” Evan to “responsible” Scott. Logan asks Xavier for help to uncover his “suppress[ed]” memories.

Wolverine is determined to find the truth to his nightmares and takes off abruptly. He is unaware that Kitty and Kurt are in the X-Jet when he sets a course for the Canadian wilderness and Project Weapon X.

Unable to contact the Institute, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat are stuck with Wolverine on his personal mission. They decide to follow him, but unknowingly walk into a trap. Wolverine’s uncontrollable rage is due to him being mind-controlled. The doctor of Project Weapon X intended to resume operations with Wolverine and Sabretooth. He intends to test the microchip control by ordering Wolverine and Sabretooth to take out Shadowcat and Nightcrawler.

But Wolverine in unable to kill Shadowcat. She is able to help him overcome the mind-control. Wolverine heads back to the Project Weapon X lab. With her powers, Shadowcat destroys the lab computers and machinery, putting an end to the operation.

Back at the Institute, Xavier has Logan’s implanted microchip removed. Understanding her better, Kurt helps Kitty with her need for privacy and personal space.