The Cauldron Pt I

School’s out, and Scott and Jean head back to the mansion in his car. Scott excitedly leaps out of his car and dashes back into the mansion. Meanwhile, Jean spots something suspicious in the bushes and goes off to investigate. It turns out to be Toad snooping around. He talks about having to prove himself by engaging in combat with another mutant. Jean gets tired of his antics and telekinetically diverts a leaping Toad into the well. Jean is then abducted by a flying metal orb.

Professor Xavier discovers the presence of another mutant when Cerebro picks up his energy signature. The mutant is revealed to be Scott’s long-lost brother, Alex. Scott gets all flustered, guilty and excited when he is told that his brother is still alive. Scott, Logan and Xavier hasten to Hawaii in the X-Jet. Kurt, Evan, Rogue and Kitty assumed that they could tag along and are upset to find out that they had been “ditched”. They immediately change plans and head for the local beach instead.

The three arrive in Hawaii where Logan discovers two sets of footprints leading up the sandy shore and abruptly stops. The adults deduce it’s the doing of Magneto, their nemesis yet introduced to the young X-Men-in-training. With his powers of magnetism, Magneto abducts Xavier in the jet while Logan chases after it, leaving Scott alone on the beach. Alex makes his timely appearance and the brothers are reunited. Alex tries to convince Scott about Magneto aiding mutants and how Magneto helped him control his powers. Though suspicious, Scott tags along to keep an eye on Alex (in the same metal orb that kidnapped Jean).

Logan is tossed off the jet and battles Sabretooth. Storm is pitched against Mystique and easily takes Mystique out and is captured. The remaining X-Men take on the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood except Toad and Rogue ‘win’ the ‘battle’ and are subsequently taken to Asteroid M.

Magneto reveals his vision for the fittest mutants to survive by enhancing their powers to their fullest capability though battle to select the worthy contenders. Some came willingly, others by force, while the rest needed some persuasion. Xavier is shocked to see that Scott has joined forces with Magneto.

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