Bada Bing Bada Boom

Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Wolverine are instructing the new recruits on rescuing injured victim. Tabitha aka Boom Boom was assigned to be the day’s rescuer of an “unconscious” Nightcrawler. While Boom Boom and Nightcrawler play the fool on the rescue mission, Nightcrawler gets knocked out of his stretcher, and falls to the rocky depths below, unconscious for real. Cyclops blasts the rocks away while Wolverine dives into the water to save Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler and Boom Boom are subsequently being punished for two weeks by Xavier.

Bayville High is organizing a fundraiser that night to rebuild their gymnasium that was destroyed in the recent fire. Principal Kelly instructs his secretary, Dorothy, to collect the funds each hour and keep it in the safe in the wall behind a painting. At the same time, Tabitha’s father walks in requesting to see his daughter. Dorothy refers him to the Xavier Institute.

Tabitha’s father meets her in the hallway and tries to make small talk with her, but with her hatred for him she resists and rushes off to class. During lunch, Scott spots Jean eating at a table with Duncan. Feeling rejected, he heads for Kurt’s table. They talk about the upcoming carnival and dates. Kurt asks if Scott “is bring anyone”. Scott’s eyes shift over to Jean, and scowls at Duncan, muttering “doubtful”. Tabitha comes over to return Kurt’s book and heads for the soda machine.

Returning back to the mansion, Tabitha finds her father. Cornered, she has no chance to avoid him. He tries to get Tabitha to help him acquire money under the guise of helping them mend their broken family back together again, especially her mother. During the evening, Tabitha sneaks up on Kurt to get him to stowaway with her to the carnival. Kurt succumbs to the temptation.

Scott is all by his lonesome self in the ferris wheel. Taryn comes over uninvited to join him. She didn’t want to disturb the couple of Jean and Duncan. Scott accepts her company. Meanwhile, Jean spots Scott with Taryn, and starts to feel a tinge of jealousy. Scott spots Kurt and Tabitha. Tabitha’s father spots her. Remembering her father’s words, Tabitha makes Kurt wait for her in a tent while she goes to rendezvous with her dad. Her dad has in mind to steal the fund raiser money. But so does the Brotherhood. Kurt runs off in search of Scott for help, having overheard the plans.

Father and daughter sneak into the school’s office. After acquiring the cash, they make a dash, but Toad snatches it from them. Cyclops, Spyke, Jean and Nightcrawler make an appearance to try and stop their evil doings. A fight ensues between the X-Men and the Brotherhood. In all the chaos, Tabitha’s father runs off with the cash. Tabitha goes after him. The wooden floor of the roof of the gym collapses under him. He refuses Tabitha’s rescue as he inches forward for the money. The whole roof collapses and they both fall, but Nightcrawler catches them and teleports them to safety. Tabitha’s father is apprehended by the police. Tabitha is bailed out by Xavier. She feels that she has let the Institute down and plans on moving out, saying their way of life is not fit for her. She moves into the Brotherhood’s place instead. Kurt suffers the brunt of the punishment. Scott finds Kurt sitting at his balcony pondering about Tabitha’s choice.