Fun and Games

A system malfunction has occurred at the Strokes County Maximum Security Facility where the Juggernaut is held prisoner. Captain Stone enlists the help of Charles Xavier. Xavier calls for an emergency meeting with his oldest students in the wee hours of the morning. He informs them he’ll be making this trip alone, and puts Scott and Jean in charge of the mansion for a few days. An overenthusiastic Scott wants to call for an early Danger Room session, to which Jean replies: “Don’t let the power go to your head, Professor S.”

The following morning at school, Jean accidentally stumbles upon Scott and Taryn having a little chit-chat by the notice board. Taryn is pushing to see Scott’s eyes behind his shades, but Scott refuses as always for the safety of those around him. When they get a little close, Jean’s expression sours into a scorn, undeniably jealous of this ‘couple’. As Jean’s eyes are still locked on a leaving Taryn, Scott catches Jean in her spying position.

Scott: “Jean? But...How long have you been standing here?
Jean: “I just uh...well uh...(fidgets nervously and plays with her hair)...I was not spying on you.”
Scott: “Spying? Who said anything about...wait a second, you were spying on me. Don’t tell me you’re jealous?” (Scott has a smirk on his face.)
Jean: “What? Oh yeah, right, I’m jealous. Hmph...of all the nerve. I am so sure Scott Summers.”

As Jean walks away, Scott still has that smirk plastered on his face.

After computer class, Risty catches up with Kitty, and tempts Kitty into throwing a party at the mansion, since the professor would be gone for the weekend. Kitty makes the suggestion to Rogue, Kurt and Evan. Rogue dampens their celebratory mood by with the mention of “Scott and Jean”. Kurt plots to ‘get rid’ of Scott and Jean for the night.

Xavier manages to jumpstart the security system. And it dawns upon him that the malfunction was a sabotage.

Scott meets up with Jean at lookout point after school at sunset. Scott watches on in disgust as Duncan drops Jean off. As the both of them try to start a civil conversation, Kitty and Kurt teleport in on them secretly and proceed to steal Scott’s car keys and Jean’s cell phone.

Scott: “Hi.”
Jean: “Hi.”
Scott: “So...ah..what’s up?”
Jean: “I don’t know. You tell me.”
Scott: “Kitty said you wanted to meet me.”
Jean: “What? That’s what Kurt told me.”
Scott: “Oh, I see what’s going on...”
Jean: “Yeah, seems we’ve been...”
Scott: “You’re being sneaky again aren’t you?”
Jean: …Huh? What?”
Scott: “You wanted to get me up here but blame it on someone else. You really are jealous of Taryn aren’t you?”
Jean: “I...That is so not true.” (Angrily, the both of them get into the car.) “Take me home you egomaniac.”
Scott: “Fine...but hey, what’s the deal?”
Jean: “Oh, I get it now. Lure me out here and conveniently have car trouble. Boy, that’s original.”
Scott: “Whoa hey this was not my idea.”

While Scott and Jean are stranded, a party is being thrown at the mansion. Risty sneaks Arcade (the school’s computer geek) down to Cerebro.

Jean finds her cell phone has disappeared when they need to call for help to tow the car. Scott walks ahead of Jean, ignoring her telling him to “wait up”. She telekinetically drags him back beside her and walks ahead of him, and telling him to hurry up. Scott is frustrated.

Arcade overrides Cerebro and enters the system. Risty requests for a download of files of the Institute’s mutants and Arcade burns her a DVD. She leaves him to his games as she plans to hightail with the data.

Help arrives for Scott’s car. Scott and Jean find themselves squeezed into the one passenger seat of the tow truck. The driver speeds down the hill, the jerks caused by the uneven road surface bumps Jean into Scott. The both of them are a little embarrassed about this awkward situation.

The party continues, and the mansion is being thrashed. Rogue’s communicator goes off. She alerts the rest of the team, and finds out a Danger Room programme has been initiated. Kurt teleports inside to turn it off. When he doesn’t make it out, Kitty phases in and finds Kurt knocked unconscious. The rest of the team goes in to save Kurt. They are being challenged to a Danger Room routine of their lives, while Arcade, who is convinced that this is all a computer game tries to ‘destroy the characters’. He unknowingly initiates Defcon 4, a total Institute shut down.

Scott and Jean make it back to the mansion, only to find they were set up so the rest of the students could throw a party. They promptly apologize, just in time for the completion of Defcon 4 security programme. Risty is knocked out by a security bot when lost attempting to escape. She is revealed to be Mystique.

Cyclops and Jean find the mansion’s security to be unbreachable. The only way in would be through the X-Jet’s launch pad over the cliff. Jean catches his hand and lowers them telekinetically to the exit of the launch pad, while Cyclops blasts an entrance for them. With swift teamwork, they manage to make their way into the main security centre, but leaving Mystique an opening for an escape through their entrance. They discover the culprit behind this. Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Spyke promptly join them. Shadowcat gives the angry Cyclops and Jean the quick rundown on Arcade. Arcade discovers them in the security centre and tries to electrocute them. Cyclops takes out the spy bot quickly. Nightcrawler teleports Rogue into Cerebro and she drains Arcade enough to knock him out lightly.

The party is dismissed and the mansion is wrecked. Xavier returns, and has altered Arcade’s memory so he thinks what happened was just a game. Scott accepts the blame but Xavier tells him “there’s plenty of blame to go around”. Xavier also suspects that the security malfunction at the prison was a set up for him to leave the mansion so someone could slip into the mansion under the guise of a party to steal valuable data from Cerebro.