Scott is off visiting his brother Alex in Hawaii. While the weatherman predicts a severe storm ahead, Alex pushes for one more surf, with Scott watching via his laptop and camera attached to Alex’s surfboard. Alex loses control and is washed out to sea by a riptide. Fearing his reputation, Alex doesn’t want Scott to call harbour patrol to rescue him. When Scott loses any sign of Alex, he calls for harbour patrol, but due to poor reception the transmission cuts. Scott sets out to search for Alex by himself.

Back in the mansion, Jean is following the weather reports, reassuring herself that Scott “wasn’t dumb enough” to get himself into trouble with the storm. Just then, Kurt walks in with a messed-up image inducer giving him the illusion of a larger than normal head, shocking Jean off her chair.

The storm worsens as Scott heads further out into sea. Alex fires one last flare as Scott speeds up the boat. He sees Alex go underwater via his laptop, and by chance, Alex drifts in the direction of the boat and manages to climb into the boat. Scott is relieved, and speeds the boat back to shore.

Jean watches on as Hank and the new mutants engage in a snowball fight, before Evan calls her in for the latest news reports. Harbour patrol in Hawaii have reported Scott and Alex as “missing”. Jean’s expression has gone from concerned to terrified.

En route back to shore, their luck runs out as the boat runs out of gas. Search for an extra gas can fails. With the use of his optic blast, Scott tears down a tidal wave from hitting the boat. His energy signature attracts the attention of the search team. On the X-Jet, Xavier, Storm and Jean race to save them as well. Unfortunately for the boys, they are hit by yet another tidal wave and are tossed overboard. They manage to cling onto a floating debris as they watch the boat capsize.

Somehow, the storm calms a little for the brothers to have a bonding session, with Alex telling Scott he had “filed to have [his] last name changed back to Summers”. At this point in time, the rescue chopper appears. But as Alex is being saved, lightning strikes the chopper’s tail and brings the chopper down. Alex, with the harness still on is being dragged down under the weight of the chopper. Scott dives in and gets hold of Alex.

Xavier closes in on the boys’ last known coordinates. Jean observes a couple of “funnel clouds” in the distance. Storm assures Jean that they aren’t dangerous unless they “touch down in the water”, which unfortunately they did, pulling both boys into it. As Storm maintains some control over the massive spin of water, it throws Scott and Alex back into the sea. Using her telekinesis, Jean lifts them out of the water and into the X-Jet.

Jean throws a warm blanket over Scott and Alex as the X-Jet races back to the mansion, and dropping Alex off before returning. Scott is momentarily confined to the medbay, and is being fed dinner by Jean. Kurt walks in with yet again a messed up image, this time turning him into a girl, courtesy of the professor.