African Storm

The scene opens with an African tribe performing some ritual. The witch doctor claimed to have found the “Windrider” and intends to capture her for she belonged to the tribe, and her powers to him. The “Windrider” is Storm of the X-Men.

At lunch, Jean wanders outside searching for a table with a familiar face to sit. She spots Scott, sitting with Taryn, and being affectionate. Jean is utterly disgusted, makes a face and turns to head back indoors when Taryn notices Jean and calls for her to join them. Jean tries to keep a smile plastered to her face as she sits at their table. Jean makes an excuse saying she was trying to find Duncan, and Scott immediately follows up expressing disapproval in a sadistic tone “I haven’t seen him”. Taryn attempts to make small talk, but Jean feels extremely uncomfortable seeing Scott and Taryn as a ‘couple’. She decides to “go find Duncan” instead.

Just then, Evan speeds by on his skateboard and steals Jean’s food of her plate. Already annoyed, a now ticked off Jean uses her telekinesis to toss Evan off his skateboard and onto a table, making it look like he slipped. Evan creates a mess, leaving the people at the table angered, as well as Principal Kelly who just happened to be there.

A mysterious fog surrounds the mansion. Spyke is late again for his training session with Storm. He doesn’t perform up to par. The Danger Room traps Storm in a box, while Spyke is unable to get her out, she panics and blasts the box to smithereens with lightning. Upset, she ends the session and dismisses Spyke immediately. She suspects the session has been tampered with because she did not programme for that to happen. Exiting, she starts to hear voices and see shadows run past her. Freaking out, she slams the elevator button repeatedly. Hank startles her in the elevator. Storm shakes the weird feeling off as being stressed over Evan.

Storm wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Logan runs into her room, sensing an intruder he scouts the open balcony. Kitty appears to check in on her, as well as Xavier. He tells Logan to check the security systems. Storm speaks to Xavier about her being troubled by Evan’s poor performance. Xavier concludes that the best option would be to send Evan home.

Preparing for a bath, Storm sees sinister signs in the mirror. She leaves the tap running and soon overflows the tub. Xavier sends Kitty up to investigate a leaky ceiling. Kitty finds a shaken and dazed Storm sitting on the floor. Storm refuses any help. Kitty finds the mirror now shattered.

Evan has overheard Storm and Xavier’s conversation in the night. He is upset and feels rejected. While walking to school, Scott and Jean are alerted to Spyke’s rumoured dismissal from school and the Institute by Kitty. Evan is irritated when everyone starts expressing concern that he’s leaving. At the Institute, Hank tries to get the new recruits to engage in a game of volleyball without their powers, but fails in the end.

In the night, Storm thinks back to when she overthrew the witch doctor with her mystical powers. She then finds rattlesnakes at her feet. Flying up to get away from them, she sees Evan trying to stowaway. She is warned by a tribal ally that the “Hunga has come for her” but she goes after Evan, and is subsequently ambushed and captured. Evan alerts Xavier of Storm’s capture. The witch doctor steals Storm’s spirit and powers.

Wolverine tracks Storm to the docks. The X-Men corner the ally who has come to warn Storm. The “Hunga” wants revenge for Storm turning the village against him years ago. With her powers he now “intends to rule over Africa”. The X-Men are busy battling the “Hunga’s” minions. Spyke is left to battle the “Hunga” and save his aunt. Spyke suddenly remembers his training and saves the day.

The next day, after a discussion, Evan’s mom and Storm decides to give him another chance to prove himself and let him remain at the Institute.