Avalanche decides to join the X-Men. The X-Men are having a hard time believing him, but Xavier is willing to hear Avalanche out. Cyclops thinks Avalanche has an ulterior motive. Avalanche tells the X-Men that he has had enough of the Brotherhood and it is time for “a change”. Cyclops is the most shocked to hear Xavier allowing Avalanche to give being an X-Men a shot. Cyclops expresses his concern to Xavier in private. Xavier believes that Avalanche’s affection for Kitty is motivating him to change for the better.

Kitty shows Avalanche to his guest quarters, and warns him that being an X-Men is no easy feat. And considering his affiliation with the Brotherhood, the other X-Men are not going to go easy on him either.

Avalanche joins the junior X-Men in their training sessions. He damages a training course, temporarily ending that session, much to the amusement of the junior X-Men and Shadowcat. Cyclops however is not amused. During a Danger Room session, Cyclops and Nightcrawler take the opportunity to play a prank on Avalanche. Shadowcat is miffed to see her friends being bullies.

During a life-saving session, Avalanche is assigned Rogue as the drowing victim, but he sabotages the session so he is able to rescue Shadowcat instead. Scott finds his car messed up and thinks Lance did it as payback for what happened in the Danger Room.

At school, the Brotherhood is angry that Lance has defected to join the X-Men. Tabitha tells him that the X-Men will “never accept him”. Lance walks away dejected.

Preparing for a bath, Storm sees sinister signs in the mirror. She leaves the tap running and soon overflows the tub. Xavier sends Kitty up to investigate a leaky ceiling. Kitty finds a shaken and dazed Storm sitting on the floor. Storm refuses any help. Kitty finds the mirror now shattered.

In the night, before turning in, Lance sees Bobby, Jubilee, Jamie and Sam sneaking out. The four take the X-Van out for a joyride, causing destruction along the way. Cyclops notices them showing up tired for the next morning’s early morning sessions. Wolverine finds out the van is destroyed. Cyclops is quick to accuse Avalanche.

That night, Bobby, Jubilee and Sam decide to take the X-Jet out for a spin. Lance refuses to join them. Instead, he wakes up Kitty and they follow them on their joyride. Kitty and Lance surprise Bobby, Jubilee and Sam in the cockpit and Jubilee accidentally shortcircuits the X-Jet.

The Air Force is in pursuit of the X-Jet and Lance accidentally fires missiles at them instead. This turns into a high speed chase, which ends when Kitty phases them into a mesa and the Air Force think the destroyed the X-Jet.

The next morning, Xavier, Scott and Logan are shocked to find the X-Jet ruined. Scott accuses Lance. Though Kitty tries to jump in to Lance’s defence, Lance willingly accepts the blame. Bobby, Jubilee and Sam step in to explain that it was not Lance’s fault, but theirs, for what happened to the X-Jet, the X-Van and Scott’s car. Kurt is released from his probation (his punishment was cleaning the X-Jet), and the cleaning duties transfer to Bobby, Jubilee and Sam. Scott apologies to Lance for blindly accusing him of any wrongdoings. Lance decides that he is not cut out to be an X-Men after all.