On Angel’s Wings

Warren Worthington is spening another Christmas alone while his parents are in London. Hearing the sirens in the distance, Warren takes off. He rescues an elderly lady from a burning house, and is described as “a real angel”.

At the Institute, the students are gathered around the tree and exchanging presents. Rogue gifts Scott and sweater, even though he did not get her a gift. Jean watches jealously. She is going home for Christmas and Rogue gets to spend time with Scott at the Institute.

Xavier, Hank, Scott and Rogue bid everyone farewell the next morning. Warren continues with his vigilante work. Unknown to him, he is being watched by Magneto. Soon, the media is reporting angel sightings. Xavier suspects the angel to be mutant, and is worried about the media drawing attention to mutants when they make the connection. Rogue volunteers herself and Scott to go into the city to investigate.

After spending the entire day chasing leads, Scott is not sure if they will be able to find the angel. Rogue suggests that they have some fun instead since they are out. Scott tells Rogue that he believes in angels, especially after being reunited with Alex after all these years.

Magneto stages a car accident to lure Warren. Warren saves Hallie and her parents in front of a crowd. Magneto then causes Warren to trip and knock Hallie off the bridge. Warren manages to save her but she unconscious and admitted into hospital. Magneto points out that Warren pushed Hallie off the bridge, and the crowd turns on him.

At the music store, Scott and Rogue overhear two girls talking about an angel sighting on the bridge. They track Warren down to the hospital, but Warren flees the scene. They follow him to the church where Hallie’s parents are praying.

Magneto tries to recruit Warren to join his cause, but Warren refuses. Cyclops and Rogue arrive to fight Magneto. Rogue absorbs Magneto’s powers and tries to fight him, but Magneto is too powerful for her. Warren saves her from a fall after she is stunned by Magneto.

Back at the hospital, Warren is relieved to learn that Hallie is recovering. Scott invites Warren to the Institute, but Warren does not want to be a part of any “organization”.

The end montage shows various members of the X-Men celebrating the holidays with their families.