Shadow Dance

(For continuity correction, this episode should have aired after Walk on the Wide Side, despite it originally airing two episodes before Walk on the Wide Side.)

The scene opens with Kitty and Rogue talking about the up coming Sadie Hawking’s Dance. Rogue teases Kitty about her crush on Lance and whether she is taking him to the dance. Kitty counters with teasing Rogue about her crush on Scott and jokes that she should “hurry before Jean moves in”. Rogue gets upset with her powers not allowing her to touch others, and makes no effort in expressing her annoyance jealousy towards Jean. Kitty then asks about Jean’s plans for the dance, and whether she was going with Duncan, to which Jean replies “I just might have to disappoint him [Duncan].”

All the X-Men are now gathered in the Danger Room. Forge has invented a device to slow down Kurt’s teleportation to test his theory that Kurt passes through another dimension when teleporting. This device will also allow Kurt to teleport further. But they did not anticipate that slowing down Kurt’s teleportation opened the portal to the next dimension longer for the dimension’s creatures to escape.

Talk of the dance is the topic of the day at school. Jean wanted to meet up with Scott at lunch, to which Kurt interprets as Jean wanting to ask Scott to the dance. But Scott doubts it since Duncan made it clear he was going to take Jean to the Dance. Meanwhile, Kitty successfully asks Lance to the dance, and likewise, Kurt’s date for the dance is Amanda Sefton from his Math class.

Back at the mansion, Forge, Logan and the professor analyzes the footage of Kurt’s trip into the other dimension. The professor is concerned about the creatures lurking in the shadows of the other dimension, and wants to run another test. Logan volunteers to tag along to protect Kurt.

At lunch in school, the guys are discussing about the dance. Kurt is freaking out that Amanda will discover his true identity if his holographic cover slips. Evan spots Jean approaching their table from a distance, and Scott starts fumbling for words. Then from out of nowhere, Taryn intrudes and sits herself next to Scott, making Scott very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, Jean notices Taryn cosying up to Scott and takes off, upset. Scott is left with no way out and reluctantly accepts Taryn’s offer, secretly to spite Jean going out with Duncan. But Taryn had her own plans as well, to spite Jean for snagging the most popular guy in school by stealing her secret crush for the dance.

The X-Men gather in the Danger Room again after school to try and persuade Kurt to run another test. Kurt is somewhat reluctant, after seeing footage of the creatures. With his teleportation slowed down, this gives the creatures ample time to attack both Kurt and Logan. They narrowly escape out of the dimension and into Bayville High’s gym. Kurt is too freaked out to teleport back to the mansion, and Logan calls for Xavier to pick them up instead.

At the dance, everyone seems to be having a good time. When the song for a slow dance plays, Jean watches disappointedly and jealously as Taryn gets close to Scott and he looks like he’d rather be dead than caught in Taryn’s arms.

The portals open big enough for the creatures of the other dimension to enter the Danger Room as well as at the dance. As the students flee the gym in terror, the mutants take on the creatures with their powers. Forge arrives at the scene in the nick of time with another device that would zap the creatures back to their dimension.

Outside, Amanda confesses to Kurt everything she knew about him, including his secrets, and that she liked him just the way that he is, and even more with the blue fur.