Walk on the Wild Side

(For continuity correction, this episode should have aired before Shadow Dance, despite it originally airing two episodes after Shadow Dance.)

Jean is mentoring Magma on the use of her powers in the sub-basements of the Institute. This time, Jean instructs Magma on building a bridge by melting and fusing rocks together. Magma tells Jean she isn’t feeling confident enough about her powers, but Jean thinks otherwise. Meanwhile, Scott makes an appearance to remind Jean not to keep Magma from being late for school. As both girls take a walk to test Magma’s bridge, a boulder dislodges itself from the cliff above. Magma is too late in wielding the rock back in place. While Jean has everything in control with her telekinesis, Scott chips in and blasts the rock to smithereens.

Jean levitates herself and Magma up to meet Scott. Jean tells Scott off that that was uncalled for and they were “fine”. Scott on the other hand is feeling full of himself that them girls were lucky he was there to save them as “it’s what [them] heroes do, rescue damsels in distress”. Jean and Amara are ticked off by Scott’s machoism and stalk angrily back to their rooms.

Scott: “But what did I do? Tell me!”
Jean: “Alright. You were being a...a guy!”
Scott: “Oh...I’m sorry?”
Jean: “Scott, I was trying to teach Magma how to handle things that go wrong. Which did not include looking for big, strong men to save you.” (Jean slams her door behind her.)
Amara: “The nerve!” (Amara slams her door behind her as well.)

Scott walks off, exasperated and confused.

It’s Amara’s first day in high school. Coincidentally, she meets Tabitha in her first period class. Tabitha moved out of the Institute and moved in with the Brotherhood. Amara confides in Tabitha that she feels pressured by Jean’s mentoring sessions. Tabitha feels that Amara needs some “R&R, like a good mall crawl”.

After school, Jean is looking for Amara. She finds Amara taking off with Tabitha. Coincidentally, Scott makes an appearance, and Jean asks to borrow his car to catch up with Amara and Tabitha to make sure they don’t “do something stupid”. Scott tells Jean that he can handle that. Jean is once again angered by being “treated as the weaker sex”. Scott tries to apologize for that morning and that he didn’t really mean it. They are interrupted by Duncan running toward them with tickets for Jean and him to the Sadie Hawking’s Dance (in which girls ask the boys to the dance instead of vice versa). Jean looks like she’s about to strangle Duncan, slaps her forehead in exasperation, snatches Scott’s car keys and stomps off.

While Tabitha and Amara are cruising the streets, a car robbery occurs right before their eyes. They give chase and the robbers try to speed away from them. Jean chanced upon the robbers at an intersection and telekinetically stops the robbers’ car from running over a mother and her child crossing the street. She then sees Amara and Tabitha speed by and goes after them. Amara melts the tires of the car and Tabitha proceeds to trash the car. As the robbers try to escape, Jean constructs brick walls with her telekinesis, trapping them and leaving them to the police. The girls leave the scene quietly.

Meanwhile, their good deed is publicized on the news. Jean tells Amara to keep it to themselves. Scott attempts to eavesdrop, but falls over his car as the girls walks past them on their way out of the dining room. And contrary to Amara’s predictions that “it’s not like [they’ll] be doing anything like that again”, the “Bayville Sirens”, as coined by news broadcasters, spend their nights stopping crime on the streets. But the Mayor urges the Sirens to stop their vigilante activities.

Back at school, Scott becomes suspicious when the mansion’s girls (Jean, Kitty, Rogue and Amara) and Tabitha start hanging out together and acting with a flair. He suspects they have a connection with the “Bayville Sirens”. He grabs Kurt, literally, and plans to track the girls’ activity that night.

Scott and Kurt situate themselves in Scott’s car outside the mansion. The guys spot the girls sneaking out and meeting up with Tabitha. Jean takes notice of Scott’s car parked outside the mansion and suspects that Scott might be up to something. Scott and Kurt follows the girls, but loses them at a train crossing when Kitty phases them through an oncoming train.

After getting a change of clothes, a car robbery under their nose leads the “Bayville Sirens” to the base of operations of the group of car-robbing criminals. Unfortunately, that act of robbery was a bait to lure the girls into their den, so the criminals can stop them from sticking their nose into their business. As the girls battle the criminals, Boom Boom accidentally starts a fire. The sounds of explosions leads Cyclops and Nightcrawler to the site of the fight where the girls have the situation under control. The guys resist helping, but Cyclops nudges a car away from the growing flame to keep it from exploding.

The police arrive, and a female officer is the first to approach the girls, with the intention to arrest them. But she lets them go on the account that they never do it again. The female officer turns out to be Mystique.

That night, Scott and Jean are still up looking for a midnight snack. But Scott gets to the last cookie in the cookie jar first. Jean is a little disappointed but Scott offers to share half of his cookie. The two best friends talk about the exciting night, and Jean was glad that Scott and Kurt let them handle the situation. Jean hopes that one day they would be able to use their powers for good out in the open. Scott and Jean toast to “someday” with their milk.