The HeX Factor

Charles Xavier visits Wanda Maximoff (Pietro’s twin sister) for her scheduled session with him in the mental institute. The session is cut short when Mystique, posing as a doctor takes Wanda away and technically kidnaps her from the mental institute. Mystique then returns into the building posed as a security officer with “other business to attend to”.

At Bayville High, Kitty helps a frustrated Kurt retrieve his History text from a jammed locker in exchange for taste-testing her muffins, which, judging from Kurt’s response, wasn’t at all appetizing.

After school, Scott and Jean have an awkward chat about their love lives with their respective significant others. Jean tells Scott she isn’t really happy being with Duncan and Scott fumbled for a response when Jean mentioned Scott and Taryn seem to be getting along well. But just as Scott was finally about to confess his love for Jean, Duncan shows up and blares the horn of his car annoyingly, interrupting this otherwise romantic scene.

Meanwhile, Wanda is being introduced to the Brotherhood, which resulted in chaos as Wanda recognized and directed her anger at her brother, as well as the Brotherhood who tried in vain to stop her. Mystique then brings in Agatha Harkness who is going to help teach Wanda to “focus her anger into unbeatable power”. With Wanda’s files stolen from Cerebro, Mystique has a complete analysis and understanding of Wanda’s condition.

At the Institute, Scott reaches into the refrigerator for a bottle of water when Kurt teleports into the kitchen. Kurt is trying to hide from Kitty and her muffins, but Kitty finds him eventually. As Kurt was about to be subjected to taste-testing torture, the professor wheels into the kitchen and tells the trio to gather the X-Men in the library for an emergency. He explains about Wanda and her kidnap, fearing that someone intends to make use of her powers against the X-Men.

The next day, at the Brotherhood’s house, Pietro has a little talk with Wanda. He tries to convince her that sending her to the mental institute wasn’t anyone’s fault as she could not control her powers, but Wanda doesn’t buy his reasoning and walks out on the conversation. Mystique confronts Pietro about his loyalty to the Brotherhood, and about the next phase in her plans.

In the night, Xavier tells the X-Men to check out the Brotherhood’s mysterious activities in the Bayville mall. At the mall, Cyclops splits the team into him, Jean and Spyke and Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Rogue. Shortly after, they are being attacked by the Brotherhood. When Jean is being specifically attacked by Avalanche triggering a quake causing a massive rock formation waterfall to fall onto her, Cyclops comes to her rescue, blasting away the rocks that are too much for her telekinesis to deflect. Unfortunately for him, Toad sneaks up on Cyclops and steals his visor, which Rogue promptly returns.

The Brotherhood boys are easily defeated by the X-Men, but Wanda proves to be too powerful for the whole team to handle. This time Jean comes to Cyclops’ rescue when his powers, controlled by Wanda causes the infrastructure above him to collapse onto him. Jean pushes him out of harm’s way and drags him out of the mall when he refused to give up and signal for a retreat. Jean is the first to go after Cyclops when he walks out, angry and disappointed at losing this battle. The whole team follows and the scene fades out.