Day of Reckoning Pt I

The scene opens with Wolverine in the sewers chasing a scent. He is being tracked by troopers but he is intent in his pursuit, which turns out to be Sabretooth. Wolverine walks into a trap, literally and is being captured, not by Magneto but by Boliver Trask.

Back at the Institute and in Cerebro, Xavier instructs Jean to use Cerebro to psychically track Wolverine as part of her training. Jean loses Wolverine’s mental signature as well as Sabretooth’s, sending the professor into frustration as he “won’t be able to find Magneto”. Jean retaliates that she wasn’t ready to use Cerebro. Xavier sends Beast and Storm to investigate Wolverine’s disappearance.

While Mystique plans her next move at the Brotherhood’s house, all the X-Men are being challenged in their toughest Danger Room session. As they fail yet again at the stimulation, Xavier takes his anger out on the X-Men, especially Cyclops, harshly questioning his judgement. Xavier concludes that the team is incompetent to go up against Magneto and brings in the Brotherhood to join the X-Men. The X-Men are shocked, and Cyclops takes this the hardest and quits the team on the spot. Xavier stops Jean from going after Cyclops, letting him leave just like that.

Wolverine is brought to a secret location to test Trask’s Sentinels. As he regains consciousness, Jean picks up his mental signature again via Cerebro. Xavier gathers both teams to go after Wolverine, believing he will lead them to Magneto. As the teams are getting ready to head out, Mystique mysteriously appears and activates Defcon 4. Storm is not confident in going into battle without Cyclops, but Xavier tells them that Cyclops will only be a “liability” if his heart is not in the team and commands them to head out.

The new recruits are left alone in the Institute as Defcon 4 is initiated. Only Magma manages to escape and fortunately for her, Tabitha chose the right time to drive by the mansion and rescues Magma. They find Scott at the lookout point overlooking the mansion’s grounds. Scott rushes back to the mansion with the two girls after knowing about the Defcon 4 situation. Tabitha also tells Scott about Mystique’s set up at the mall, and that “she’s running the show again”. Scott tries to put two and two together to figure out what is going on.

Scott arrives at the site of the X-Jet’s launch pad, the “only way in”. Unfortunately for them, Defcon 4 goes into override and the demolition mode is activated.

Magneto and his Acolytes, Sabretooth, Pyro, Colossus and Gambit make their appearance and at the same time, Wolverine is being defeated by Trask’s Sentinels.

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