The Stuff of Villains

Scarlett Witch seeks Caliban’s help to locate Magneto. Caliban tells her that Magneto cannot be located. She tells him to search for her brother, Quicksilver, who can in turn lead her to Magneto.

The X-Men are rebuilding the Institute. Helping out with clearing the debris in the morning is making the students late for school. Scott is offering a ride for those not wanting to be late.

Scarlett Witch finds Quicksilver and demands he tell her where Magneto is. When Quicksilver is unable to do so, she plans to use Quicksilver to lure Magneto out. Quicksilver is arrested by the local police.

Spyke and Rogue encounter some bullies. Spyke is finding it more and more difficult to retract his spikes. Gambit comes to Rogue’s aid in dealing with the school bullies. Rogue suspects Gambit is up to no good. She grabs Kitty and follows Gambit to the Brotherhood’s house.

Gambit has come to deliver Magneto’s message to the Brotherhood: an opportunity to prove themselves to Magneto. The Brotherhood is tasked with rescuing Quicksilver from prisoner transport.

In order to prevent a fatal accident, Kitty and Rogue unwittingly help the Brotherhood and Quicksilver escape. Stranded by the Brotherhood, Kitty and Rogue think they have lended themselves in trouble with the military. But the officers are indebted to Kitty and Rogue for saving their lives, and do not discriminate against “peacekeepers”, regardless whether they are mutant or not.

Gambit tells the Brotherhood that they failed Magneto’s test and appoints Quicksilver as the new leader of the Brotherhood. Under the protection of his father, Quicksilver does not want the Brotherhood to rest until they have defeated the X-Men.

Back at the Institute, Xavier tells Kitty and Rogue that they cannot just drop everything and take off to deal with every problem that comes their way. Scott also tells them that they have received detention.