X-treme Measures

One stormy night, a small group of Morlocks invade a Pow-r 8 factory, seeking to destroy it. The owner of the company, Mr Spear is naturally furious.

Meanwhile at Bayville High, Scott pokes his head out of the classroom door, surveying his surroundings before scurrying into the hallway. He bumps into Jean by the lockers. He tells her that Kitty is heading their way. Jean grabs his jacket and they both make a run for it.

A few students play a prank on Evan. A random guy comes by and pretends to befriend him, only to need him to fight off the bullies. He fights them off with his spikes, only to find that it is harder than before to retract them. Moreover, some seem to be permanent.

In the school’s parking area, Scott and Jean are still hiding from Kitty in Scott’s car. When the coast is clear, the couple are prepared to leave when Kurt teleports onto the bonnet of the car, scaring the both of them. Kurt exclaims to them in a disbelieving tone that Kitty had passed her driving test and “is looking for any licensed 18 year old to ride with her”. Precisely the reason why they had been avoiding Kitty in the first place.

After rushing back to the mansion to avoid Kitty, they are summoned by the Professor, with an assignment for one of them, a “challenge” that requires “nerves of steel”. Before the both of them can decide among themselves, Logan steps in and accepts the assignment. Extremely relieved, Scott and Jean exit the library as fast as possible before Logan discovers that the assignment was to accompany Kitty on a little driving trip.

The next morning, Scott and Jean are walking through one of the mansion’s corridors when they hear Kitty asking about the whereabouts of the both of them. Jean takes the liberty of deciding that Scott should be the next sacrificial lamb and telekinetically floats him through the doors.

That morning, Evan has entered the Pow-r 8 skate competition. During the rest period, as he reaches out for a sponsored Pow-r 8 drink, a mysterious cloaked figure walks past and knocks it out of his hand and whispers to him that it is “poison”. As the competition progresses, Evan proves that he is a tough competitor to beat. Jealous, his opponent tries to accuse Evan of cheating with his mutant powers. Seeing that no justice will be done, he ditches the competition and grabs a drink on the way out. The drink causes his powers to go awry and he runs away. The Morlocks catch up to him.

Kitty brings Scott’s car to a screeching halt in front of the Institute’s front porch and phases out, meeting Kurt on the porch. Evan’s whereabouts are still unknown. Scott takes the time to compose himself after that trauma that is Kitty’s driving.

In the medlab, test results prove that Pow-r 8 has adverse reactions in mutant cells, but not in those of normal humans. Ororo is anxious and frustrated for her nephew and a search party is despatched to try and find him.

Underground, the Morlocks have taken Evan into their care. Callisto, leader of the Morlocks (a group of mutants who seek safety in seclusion in the sewers), tells Evan that Pow-r 8 has “seeped into every tunnel” when the factory is cleaned. And they seek to stop it before it kills them all. Evan offers his help to try and gain their trust. Ray recognized Callisto at the skating competition going after Evan, and heads into the sewers. The Morlocks threaten him into not revealing Evan’s whereabouts, but Ray manages to escape and informs the Professor immediately.

The Morlocks proceed with the sabotage of the factory as planned. The tanks explode and drive them into a dead end. The X-Men find them and rescues the Morlocks from the polluted drains. Evan disappears with the Morlocks. Going after the Morlocks, Evan tells Ororo that he needs some time away from the real world.

Professor Xavier pays a visit to the company and explains to Mr Spear that Pow-r 8 is poisonous to mutants. He pretends to reassure the Professor that production will seize, with an evil gleam in his eyes that suggest otherwise.

On a humorous ending note, it’s payback when Logan lets Kitty be Xavier’s chauffeur for the trip back to the Institute.