The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

In Venice, Mastermind tries to hide from Magneto, but Magneto still manages to find him, seeking his cooperation in a private matter.

It is a typical day, and the highways are congested. Wanda is in a cab to cross the bridge when suddenly, the bridge catches fire. She spots Pyro and has her suspicions. After school, Kurt and Amanda are discussing dinner plans with Amanda’s parents, to which Kurt reluctantly agrees. They spot the bridge on fire in the distance, as Scott and Jean do while on the road in Scott’s car. Scott and Jean rush to the scene of the fire.

Meanwhile, Pyro deliberately drops a ski lift ticket in Wanda’s reach, before setting fire to an oil tanker, using its explosion to cover up his escape lest Wanda follows him. The impact causes the bridge’s suspension ropes to snap and flings Wanda over the edge of the bridge. Cars fall off the bridge in her direction, but she miraculously holds on. Scott and Jean come to the rescue of the people and Wanda, while Storm creates some rain to put out the fire.

Wanda suspects her father wants her “to stop looking for him, and his errand boy, [her] brother”. Jean tells Wanda that Pietro “is back with the Brotherhood”. This angers Wanda and she returns to the Brotherhood’s house for some answers to Magneto’s whereabouts. Pietro denies any knowledge of Magneto’s whereabouts. Toad points out the ski lift ticket to belong to the local ski resort. He also desperately tries to win Wanda’s love, to which Wanda tells him the only way is to be “someone else”.

That evening, Toad intends to steal Kurt’s inducer. Toad crashes Kurt’s dinner date with Amanda and her parents. While fighting for Kurt’s image inducer, they wreck Amanda’s parents’ living room. Toad also exposes Kurt true identity. Amanda’s parents are alarmed even more by the fact that Kurt’s a mutant, and forbid Amanda from seeing Kurt again.

Wanda is at the ski resort trying to find Magneto. Toad is hot on Wanda’s heels. Just as Toad disguised as a Swiss ski instructor is warming up to Wanda and getting her attention, Pyro appears on the slopes below the ski lift. Wanda gives chase and is captured by Magneto. Toad returns to Bayville to seek the help of Nightcrawler, who flatly refuses, but gives in when Toad offers to return his inducer.

Having captured Wanda, Magneto has planned for Mastermind to alter her memories. This would eliminate her hatred for her father so she would stop wanting to seek revenge.

When they reach the location of the lair, Toad sheepishly reveals that he had the inducer with him all along. Nightcrawler eventually gives in and helps Toad out of pity. They infiltrate the lair and rescue Wanda quite easily. Seeing as the mind-altering procedures have been successfully carried out, Magneto doesn’t bother to give chase. As much as Wanda dislikes Toad, she still expresses some gratitude for him coming to her rescue.