Self Possessed

Scott and Rogue are playing a game of squash. After the game, Rogue asks Scott if he wants a rematch the following night, but Scott reminds her that there’s a concert in town. Rogue attempts to ask Scott out to the concert, but Scott tells her he’s already going with Jean.

Destiny meets up with Mystique to tell Mystique about her disturbing visions of the future which concern Rogue. Having absorbed the powers and memories of too many people, Rogue finds herself loosing control over those powers.

Logan has a hunch that something is wrong with Rogue after discovering her broken squash racket Rogue drove into the wall. But before Rogue can say anything, Kitty drags Rogue away. Kitty tells Rogue that Jean is going to drive them to school in her new SUV. When Kitty and Rogue arrive at the garage, Jean is finishing up polishing her new car.

Kitty: “Alright! Hey Jean, now that you’ve got wheels, how ’bout carpooling to the concert tonight?”
Jean: “Well, uh, I’m...I’m kinda going with, um, Scott.”
Kitty: “No problem. You won’t mind unless it’s some kind of...whoa, it’s a date, isn’t it?”
Jean: “No it isn’t.”
Kitty: “You guys are actually going out!”
Kurt: (Teleports suddenly into the front passenger’s seat of Jean’s car.) “Who’s going out?”
Kitty: “Jean and Scott. Can you believe it?”
Kurt: “No way! Really? It’s about time!”
Kitty: “Jean’s got a date.”
Jean: “I do not!” (Kitty and Kurt start giggling.)
Rogue: “Would you guys drop it already?”

At school, Rogue suddenly phases into the girls’ bathroom door. She meets Risty, whom she hasn’t seen since the incident with the Sentinels. Risty gives the excuse that she was forced to go back to England by her parents. While at the water fountain trying to get a drink, Rogue fries the fountain with Storm’s powers. She flees outside and Risty follows. Rogue ends up telling Risty all about her powers and her problems. In a bid to cheer her up, Risty suggests both of them go to the concert that night.

At the concert, Kitty shows up with Jamie, the only one who “didn’t have plans”. She tells him that despite wearing a wrist corsage, it isn’t a date. Catching sight of Kitty, Jean sees the opportunity to get back at Kitty for teasing her. It leads to an awkward conversation between Jean and Scott deciding how to classify them going to the concert alone together.

Jean: “Kitty’s got a date.”
Kitty: “Yeah, right.”
Scott: “Uh, what was that?”
Jean: “Payback. Well, she was teasing me about us being...uh, well...”
Scott: “What? About us being on a...”
Jean: “Yeah, uh...y’know, can you imagine?”
Scott: “Really? What’s the big deal? I mean we get stuck together all the time.”
Jean: “I know. It doesn’t mean we’re going out or anything.”
Scott: “And even if we are, so what? Right?”
Jean: “Right. It’s just...none of their business.”
Scott: “So, is this a date?”

Rogue arrives with Risty. Spotting Scott with Jean not too far away, Rogue gets a couple of flashbacks. Risty feels that Rogue hasn’t gotten over Scott, but Rogue shrugs it off, saying that “Scott and Jean are practically a couple”. Being in a large crowd, Rogue starts to uneasy, fearing that she might accidentally knock into people and absorb them. When a girl falls onto Rogue, things start to go wrong and Rogue absorbs a few people, including Risty, causing her to reveal herself as Mystique.

Rogue’s powers go out of control and she transforms into Sabretooth. The X-Men who are there spring into action to try and stop Sabretooth. After burying Sabretooth under some rubble, Rogue transforms from Sabretooth into Juggernaut. Rogue as Juggernaut flees the concert arena, and Mystique runs after. The X-Men aren’t aware that Rogue was at the concert, and they leave to “regroup at the mansion”.

Outside, Rogue transforms multiple times and tries to run from the police. Mystique finds her in an alley. Rogue takes out her anger on Mystique after learning the truth about Risty. Wolverine finds Rogue as Sabretooth just as the other X-Men arrive and Cyclops having punched her through a wall into a warehouse. Rogue attacks them as Cyclops, Avalanche and Storm, and after with combined powers of everyone she’s absorbed.

The X-Men try to stop Rogue, but Rogue counters each of them with their own powers. When Jean gets struck down, Cyclops strikes back immediately. Wolverine volunteers to go up against Rogue by himself. After finally being able to talk Rogue into a more docile state, Xavier steps in to try and help Rogue contain those memories. The X-Men return with a battered and unconscious Rogue.

Destiny foretells of a dark future that awaits.