Apocalypse appears in Yucatan, Mexico. He lands his spacecraft, “The Eye of Ages” atop a Mayan pyramid and reveals an ancient alien technology buried beneath the stone facade. He covers the pyramid with a mysterious energy dome.

In Egypt, the Brotherhood is exploring the tunnels and tombs under the Sphinx in an attempt to learn more about Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Xavier is conducting his own research. He believes “The Eye of Ages”, that disappeared along with Apocalypse, is the key to understanding Apocalypse.

All the students are faring well, except for Rogue. A worried Wolverine goes to check on Rogue. She insists she is fine, and is relieved that Mystique (previously turned into stone) is gone from the Institute.

A couple of jungle explorers come across Apocalypse’s mysterious energy dome.

Nightcrawler is the only one who has a problem with Mystique being turned over to the Brotherhood. He goes to the Brotherhood’s house to retrieve his mother. Rogue is upset at Nightcrawler for bringing Mystique back into the Institute. Then he notices the statue is crying and brings it to the attention of Xavier. But Xavier is unable to sense any consciousness within the statue.

The mysterious energy dome has been discovered and is reported in the news.

The X-Men immediately set off for Yucatan on a “fact-finding mission”. As does Magneto. The telepaths are unable to sense anything from inside the dome. And their Particle Beam machines were destroyed by the dome.

Nightcrawler approaches Scarlet Witch for help with Mystique.

Shadowcat phases another contraption inside the dome to get another reading, but that too is destroyed.

Magneto arrives and launches an attack on the dome, hurling every vehicle and satellite he can at it. But nothing is able to penetrate the dome. Apocalypse appears and obliterates Magneto before the X-Men.

Nightcrawler meets with Agatha Harkness. Agatha tells Nightcrawler that only Rogue is able to help Mystique. Instead, Rogue pushes the statue off the cliff, shattering it.