No Good Deed

The Brotherhood is riding the subway. Wanda sits in an isolated corner reading the headlines of another passenger’s newpapers, about the recent confrontation between Magneto and Apocalypse, resulting in Magneto’s disappearance. Pietro and Wanda get into an argument, with Pietro citing that Magneto “brought it upon himself” while Wanda tries to defend their father. The argument escalates, and Wanda hexes the train, causing it to derail.

While making an exit for themselves, they in turn save the other passengers in the train unintentionally. Not knowing the real cause of the action, the city cheer on their new heroes. The Brotherhood embraces their newfound fame.

Meanwhile, the former principal of Bayville High is running for mayor. The news of the Brotherhood’s “heroic act” is damaging to his anti-mutant campaign.

The next morning in the mansion, Scott is furious with the media’s hype, portraying the Brotherhood as the good guys. Professor Xavier however finds this news “encouraging”, as it puts mutants in a good light. Xavier hopes they continue with this good guy act and “stay out of trouble”, but Scott is convinced that they will “mess up” sooner or later.

The media hounds have surrounded the Brotherhood’s house trying to get interviews with the “heroes”. Wanda is reluctant because she knows the accident is her fault and declines an interview, despite Pietro’s persuasion. Toad leaps ahead and hogs the limelight, and that doesn’t sit well with Lance. Then, a woman in a wheelchair approaches Lance and presents her saviour with a check for ten thousand dollars and an offer to rebuild the Brotherhood’s house. The Brotherhood is astounded by the huge sum of money, and that gives Pietro an idea.

Quicksilver’s plan is to create accidents and then save the people involved, making them look like heroes. Their heroic acts are featured in paper after paper, and Scott is irate to the point where he blasts the newspaper into pieces. Xavier suspects that all the accidents are “orchestrated” by the Brotherhood because it appears to be too convenient, and fears that something might go wrong. The X-Men set out to stop them.

The Brotherhood goes to Kelly, threatening him to leave them out of his campaign. Kelly refuses, but before the Brotherhood can inflict some pain, the X-Men show up. Quicksilver tells Avalanche not to duke it out with the X-Men because it will not look good for their publicity. Kelly doesn’t even show appreciation for the X-Men’s help.

While Avalanche vents his frustrations about the X-Men on their new house, Quicksilver is more concerned about them being “bumped to the third page”, and is determined to regain their fame at the opening of the new zoo the following day with Wanda’s help.

At the zoo during the ribbon cutting ceremony, Scarlet Witch hexes all the X-Men and causing them to lose control of their powers, resulting in a riot at the zoo. The X-Men are imprisoned for their “crimes”. Xavier tells them to “stay put” until he can sort everything out.

Avalanche is fed up with this whole act. Quicksilver suggest that they “go out with a bang” to end their legacy. Quicksilver creates a runaway train scenario which the Brotherhood will attempt to stop. But they fail to realise that the runaway train is headed for a collision with a train transporting oil tankers. Quicksilver, Toad and Blob ditch the crisis scene knowing that the situation has gone out of hand. Only Avalanche stays behind. With no options left, the authorities ask for the X-Men’s help.

Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat cut off the runaway train’s engine. Jean stops the tanker but is unable to stop the runaway engine. Shadowcat fails to phase the engine through the entire length of the tanker, resulting in an explosion. It is too much for Jean to contain in a telekinetic bubble. Avalanche lands a hand to the X-Men, creating a ditch for the exploding mess to sink into. He informs the X-Men that that’s the last of their heroics.

In the end, all charges are dropped against the X-Men and the authorities are investigating whether the Brotherhood is behind the whole accident.