There is heightened mutant paranoia when mysterious domes start appearing over ancient pyramids all over the world. Mrs Leech refuses to let her (mutant) son, Dorian, out on the streets.

A morlock is scavenging food in the alley behind a diner when he is attacked by a group of street punks. He is rescued by their resident hero, Spyke.

At the Institute, Beast continues his research on the mysterious domes (the latest popping up in China), which turn out to be spheres encasing the ancient pyramids and shielding them, absorbing energy directed at them and reflecting it back and stronger. Xavier grows concerned about China deploying military troops to attack the dome.

Duncan and his goons spot Sam and Amara leaving the library. Duncan seizes the chance to threaten them when Sam accidentally puts a dent in a brick wall. Spyke comes to their defence, but only makes matters worse when Duncan makes a police report.

After Sam and Amara’s run in with Spyke, Xavier uses Cerebro to track his whereabouts. The consequence of Spyke’s actions has led to increased paranoia and is putting mutants in danger from attacks. Storm insists that she go after her nephew, but Xavier convinces her that Wolverine would be a better choice.

Meanwhile, Beast updates Xavier on the situation in China. The Chinese have attacked the dome, resulting in the destruction of miles of land, but the dome is still in tact. The US government has ordered for Trask to be released and the Sentinel programme reinstated.

Wolverine finds Spyke in the sewers but has not convinced him to stop his actions and review the consequences. The people are “tense” but Spyke demands that mutants have the right to walk the streets as well. Later that day, Spyke walks into a store to purchase food like normal people do, but is denied service because he is a mutant. Mrs Leech and Dorian are at the store as well and Dorian develops one of his headaches. Another shopper outs Dorian as a mutant too. Spyke jumps into his defence, destroying part of the shop in the process. Mrs Leech and Dorian escape, and Spyke pays for his purchase and leaves.

Mutant paranoia escalates and people have formed angry mobs. Duncan and his goons decide to take matters into their own hands. One night, they stock up on firearms and comb the streets in search of mutants, smoking the sewers trying to drive the Morlocks out. Spyke confronts Duncan and his goons, but it becomes too much for them to handle.

Dorian’s headaches become worse and start to manifest. Mrs Leech discovers that he has gone missing.

The X-Men go to the aid of Spyke, and so do the Morlocks. Jean and Duncan go face-to-face. A police chopper arrives. Dorian walks into the chaos. His power manifests and suppresses all the powers around him. Duncan’s firearms are deactivated, mutant powers are suppressed and the electricity goes out. Jean takes a hard fall after her telekinesis is cancelled out, and Cyclops is able to see without the aid of his visor holding back his blasts.

After Dorian leaves the immediate vicinity, everything returns to normal. Xavier talks to Mrs Leech about the Institute and someday when Dorian is ready, he’s welcome to join the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children.