Ghost of a Chance

Wolverine takes some of the students on an offroad excursion in the canyon. Kitty is unable to control her ATV and flies off the trail and into a ravine. She is saved from being crushed by falling rocks by Danielle Moonstar.

Danielle is excited to finally meet other mutants. The X-Men take Danielle back to the Institute. After speaking with Xavier, she decides to enroll at the Institute.

Danielle starts her first training session with the junior X-Men. During the training course, the senior X-Men provide some “unforeseen obstacles” that the junior team has to overcome. Danielle is the last team mate standing to complete the course, but when she falls into the water, she panicks and lashes out at Jean, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler.

Xavier puts a stop to the session, and tells them that their nightmare scenarios, Jean losing control of her telekinesis; Nightcrawler teleporting into Middleverse; Shadowcat phasing endlessly through the earth; were illusions projected by Danielle.

Danielle is upset that the X-Men are angry at her loss of control of her powers, feeling that the X-Men are no different from everyone else and will want to “get rid” of her. Shadowcat tries to comfort Danielle but to no avail.

In the night, Danielle has a nightmare and her powers of projected illusions causes the other X-Men to have nightmares. Xavier awakens in the middle of the night and calls a meeting with Ororo and Logan to figure out how to deal with Danielle’s powers. Kitty is called to the meeting to verify that Danielle was asleep when the illusions happened. When leaving the instructors, Kitty overhears them talking about Danielle and is worried for her new friend.

The next day, Kitty wakes up to find no trace of Danielle. None of the X-Men have ever heard of or met Danielle. Xavier tells Kitty that she had just woken up from her biking accident, and that it was all a dream.

Kitty goes back to sleep, and wakes up in another nightmare where she encounters Danielle in trouble. Kitty wakes up and the phone rings. Danielle is on the other end, calling for help. Danielle seems to be trapped in a dark place.

Kitty finds Kurt and demands that he teleport her as close to Dark Hollow as he can. When they arrive, the town is deserted. Kitty answers the ringing payphone, and it is Danielle again. Kurt is worried that Kitty is hallucinating when he points out to her that the payphone is dead.

Nearby, Logan and Sam are having a rematch as their previous bike race was called off due to Kitty’s accident. Despite having his friends help him cheat by throwing obstacles at Logan, Sam loses the race.

Kitty searches the phone book and finds the address of the Moonstars. Kitty and Kurt find Danielle’s grandfather, who tells them that Danielle went missing in the canyon two years ago. Kitty insists that they find Danielle before the canyon gets flooded. They teleport to the site of Kitty’s accident where Kitty first met Danielle.

Kurt goes to alert Logan and the other X-Men while Kitty presses on with her search for Danielle. Following the clues in her dreams, Kitty finds the cavern that Danielle is trapped in.

The other X-Men act quickly to get to Kitty and Danielle before the cavern is flooded. Danielle is grateful that Kitty believed in her enough to save her.