X-Men: First Class: Cyclops

Scott stops by the Coffee A-Go-Go for a latte after a “rough day”. Zelda the barista tries to get him to open up about what is troubling him. But it's not just girl troubles today with Scott, but being a stick in the mud and “uptight” around the entire team. And it hurts coming from Jean whom he has a crush on. At times the team gets annoyed with him being too serious and never lightening up.

Suddenly, a car with a band of villainous misfits wrecks through the cafe. Always prepared, Scott immediately jumps into his X-Men costume and goes after them to find out what they’re up to. He finds he is outnumbered and is left biting the dust, but not before puncturing a tire of their getaway car. He tracks them to a garage where they promptly fix the car.

Not willing to give up the chase, Cyclops steals a bicycle and leaves the owner a contact number. He follows their trail to a busted warehouse. The misfits had stolen crates of obsolete technology. Cyclops grabs a tracker and follows the tagged crates. The trail of destruction leads to a pet shop where they had been storing information. Cyclops conducts his own investigation while two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents question the shop owner.

Cyclops follows them to the “Empire State Museum of Modern Art” where they’re breaking for lunch. Meanwhile, he receives a text from his team wondering where he’s disappeared off to. Cyclops keeps pace and tails them to the “Black Forest Hills” community. He confronts their leader, “Heinrich the Twelfth Baron Zemo”, who is obsessed with collecting “old technology”.

After a brief fight, Cyclops has them all tied up, just in time for Xavier to start inquiring what he had been up to all this while, after receiving reports of villainous activity, and calls from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the bicycle owner asking after him.