X-Men: First Class (Vol 1) #3: A Life of the Mind

It is morning at another day at Xavier’s school. The team wakes up to breakfast made by Ms Lafitte. Scott appears in the kitchen without his glasses on and powers under control. Next, Xavier strolls in without the aid of his wheelchair.

Jean starts to suspect something is amiss but she can’t pinpoint the change in Scott’s appearance. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Jarvis goes to answer it. Jean seems puzzled by them having a butler, and even more so when the Blob joins them for breakfast. She also sees Juggernaut running through the halls.

Overwhelmed, she drags Scott out of the kitchen. Passing Xavier’s study, she points out that Magneto is in the room, which usually spells trouble. But that doesn’t bother Scott and he heads over to examine the chess game in progress.

Jean begins to get frustrated as she senses something is not right as everything is “completely normal”. She brings Scott to a mirror. After looking at himself for a time, Scott’s uncontrolled optic blasts suddenly manifest. Jean finally figures out Scott’s change in appearance (no glasses), and Scott becomes aware of the mysterious world they are in. They go to find the others. Jean exposes the fact that Ms Lafitte, a beloved caretaker of Xavier’s, died a year ago. And that the Blob is supposed to be their enemy.

The X-Men finally become aware of the fact that they are living in a warped reality, which is in actuality a dream as they find their real consciousness asleep. Jean suspects this has something to do with Xavier when she cannot find him telepathically.

They move through a disproportionately-sized mansion, travelling through fragments of Xavier’s memories and subconscious like a horrific roller-coaster ride. They end up on an island rife with the heads of Sentinels. They encounter the Juggernaut (a figment) and Xavier trapped in a fortified Cerebro. Even Scott’s optic blasts cannot penetrate the dome.

Bobby lures the Juggernaut over to break into the fortified Cerebro dome that has Xavier trapped inside. A younger and frightened Xavier appears as Juggernaut charges at them. Jean reassures him that the X-Men won’t let Juggernaut harm him. Scott instructs Bobby to build an ice ramp that will launch Juggernaut into the dome.

That does the trick and Xavier’s consciousness is released from Cerebro’s feedback loop. Xavier reassures the X-Men that he’ll have Cerebro’s kinks fixed and Bobby really craves belgian waffles after the weird dream.