X-Men: First Class (Vol 1) #4: Seeing Red

The X-Men are fighting a Sentinel. Cyclops keeps getting distracted by visions of monsters appearing in the forest. The monsters appear only to him and he begins shooting at them. The team thinks Cyclops is off his game, misfiring and missing the Sentinel targets. He even takes a shot behind Marvel Girl. Iceman and Marvel Girl are loosing patience with Cyclops. Beast and Angel find the mad man behind the stray Sentinel’s controls and shuts down the Sentinel.

Xavier and the X-Men head over to interrogate the mad man, who seems confused as to why he was doing what he was doing. Cyclops then claims to see “strange claw marks” on the mad man’s arm but everyone does not see it. Cyclops starts to get frustrated when Xavier enters his mind and verifies that Cyclops’ visions are real, but only to him.

Xavier and the X-Men pay a visit to Dr Strange to find out about the mysterious occurrence of residue “occult energy”. They make a short trip by train to Greenwich village in the middle of Manhattan.

At the “Sanctum Sanctorium of Dr Strange”, Strange greets the wary X-Men. After examining Scott’s visor, he concludes that “a demon has attached itself” to Scott when Scott and Jean went into “the realm of Cyttorak” to imprison Juggernaut. When Scott and Jean left the realm, the demon follows them through through the ruby quartz of Scott’s visor.

Xavier had brought spare visors for Strange to “replicate the viewing property” of the original visor so the rest of the X-Men can see the demon. After dressing for battle, Strange leads the X-Men into the netherworld to defeat the demon.

Angel and Beast are apprehended by the demon while Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Iceman try to fight it off. Xavier finally establishes contact with the remaining X-Men. Xavier guides Marvel Girl to use her powers as she is the only one whose powers can match that of the demon’s magic. Marvel Girl forces the demon back into the “realm of Cyttorak” through a “fissure”. Strange returns with the missing members of the X-Men. With a final check, Strange concludes that the demon has been safely cast back into the realm he came from.

They all return to the real world to enjoy some tea.