X-Men: First Class (Vol 1) #6: The S-Men

Xavier has gone out of town, leaving the X-Men freedom to roam around town. As they hit up Coffee A Go-Go, Warren wants to plan a party at the mansion. Stepping inside, Warren sees Zelda the barista with her bared midriff on a table and jumps to the conclusion of girls dancing atop tables, until Scott points out she’s merely changing a lightbulb.

Bobby sees two “hot” girls in the corner who have been patronising the cafe regularly recently and wants Warren and Jean to help him pick up those girls. Jean is offended and Hank pulls Bobby away. Bobby observes that the girls are accompanied by one too many guy friends and is slightly dismayed. Scott goes to order their drinks when those girls and their guy friends place the X-Men’s orders spot on.

Hank and Jean get annoyed, while Warren basks in the attention. Zelda tells Scott and Jean that the X-Men have been getting a lot of air time on the news lately. One of the incidents involve the X-Men blotching the Fantastic Four’s apprehension of the Mole Man.

As the X-Men watch on, they conclude that impostors are posing as them to give the X-Men a bad name. The situation is “distressing” them. Bobby is quick to suggest contacting Xavier but Jean and Scott are not too keen in disrupting Xavier’s personal time off and want to deal with the matter themselves. Scott and the rest are about to head back to the mansion when Warren is seen trying to charm one of the girls.

The X-Men are not too happy that Warren is more concerned about picking up girls than worrying about their reputation. Warren shrugs the impostors off as Magneto and the Brotherhood but Jean believes otherwise.

Jean is right when the group that chatted with the X-Men at the cafe turn out to be Skrulls in human disguise, intending to “eliminate” the X-Men. The Skrulls have plans to colonise Earth and a growing population of mutants will cause problems, hence they have to be eliminated before they multiply too quickly.

Driving back to the mansion, the X-Men come across a farm being invaded by one of Mole Man’s escaped minions. They put a stop to him and are about to contact the National Guard to apprehend the creature when they are thrown from the property.

The next day, the X-Men are back at the Coffee A Go-Go bright and early. They start acting out of routine, with Hank ordering the strongest coffee instead of tea and Warren being anti-social, and them talking loudly about searching for the monsters the X-Men had let escape, drawing the attention of the group that had been observing them.

The girl that Warren had been fancying comes over to talk to the X-Men. When she calls the X-Men “freaks”, Warren stands up to defend their name. Just then, the people on the streets are fleeing from one of the monsters previously broadcast on the news.

The X-Men leap into harm’s way and lure the monster away from the streets into the forest. The monster zaps them unconscious. The young Skrull impostors, impressed by the X-Men’s heroic efforts when they protected their human disguises, come to the X-Men’s rescue. When the Skrull supervisor gets wind of such un-Skrull-like heroism, he immediately puts an end to such efforts. The monster illusion, a Skrull spy, is eradicated with the zap of a device. The young Skrull are gathered and sent home to be reprimanded and reassigned jobs, as they have disgraced the Skrull code.

As they leave in their spacecraft, Jean awakens and sees the craft fly off. The next day at the cafe, she relates her alien encounter to her team mates, but is unsure if it was just her imagination. Bobby asks Zelda if she knew where those “hipsters” that have been hanging around are. Zelda deduces that the monster had probably scared them away. Jean pokes a little fun at Warren, who had intended to ask one of the girls out on a date. Hank, back to drinking tea, wonders about making new friends of their age outside of their small mutant group. Scott replies that in the end, they might still not understand them.

The last panel cuts to the Skrulls goofing off with their acquired mutant powers the way the X-Men do sometimes.