X-Men: First Class (Vol 1) #7: Who Wants to Date a Millionaire

In Xavier’s absence, classes are taken over by Cerebro, the school’s computer intelligent system. Cerebro detects a lapse in Warren’s attendance rate. Hank suspects Xavier’s absence to do with Warren’s disappearances. Even as field leader, Scott feels it is not his place to reprimand Warren for missing classes, unless Warren starts skipping on field missions as well.

Suddenly, Cerebro detects a large foreign object heading towards the mansion. The glass windows shatter, catching the X-Men off guard. They suit up to patrol the grounds when Marvel Girl spots Quicksilver. Knowing that he is up to mischief, the X-Men pursue Quicksilver. Iceman sets up a slippery ice trap that Quicksilver runs into. He is pinned down by Beast, and is questioned.

Quicksilver did not intend to break the windows and make it seem like he was attacking. He was merely looking for his missing sister. The X-Men assure him that they have nothing to do with Scarlett Witch’s disappearance. Marvel Girl tries to talk Quicksilver into cooperation without Hank pinning him down. He agrees and takes off once Hank releases him.

The X-Men start analysing that it cannot be Magneto and the Brotherhood’s doing as they disbanded when “The Stranger” took Magneto and Toad with him into space, and turned Mastermind into a stone statue. Marvel Girl throws out a thought that Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch may be behind Angel’s disappearance.

While Marvel Girl is on track, Angel and Scarlett Witch are in fact having secret romantic dates. Suspicious that something is up, Marvel Girl insists that they use Cerebro to track Angel down. Cerebro is locked for Xavier’s use only but Beast is quickly able to by-pass the system and locate their missing team mate, leading them to believe that Beast knows more about Angel’s disappearance then he is disclosing.

Marvel Girl, Cyclops and Iceman grill Beast to admitting the truth, and with the help of footage from Cerebro (showing Beast hacking Cerebro so Angel could locate Scarlett Witch), Beast confesses that he helped arrange for Angel to meet Scarlett Witch as they both expressed romantic interest in each other. But it had to be carried out in secret as her brother, Quicksilver will get overprotective when he finds out his sister is dating Angel, and trouble will follow.

After an afternoon flight, Warren suggests to Wanda that they catch a movie. When Warren hands her a coat to hide their identity in public, she makes a fuss about the price tag of a thousand dollars. Angel isn’t bothered by how much he spent; to him it is nothing, but to Wanda, the cost of his car could buy her a house in her country.

Warren and Wanda start talking and find that they are disagreeing. Wanda feels guilty about lying to her brother. Warren wonders why she does not stand up to him as she is entitled to live her own life. Wanda tries to explain that Pietro’s always been looking out for them but Warren does not consider them joining the Brotherhood keeping themselves with good company.

Unknown to them, both Quicksilver and the X-Men are catching up to their trail. An angry Quicksilver confronts the dating pair in a playground full of children. Angel is aggravated and starts fighting back. While trying to stop both of them from fighting, Scarlett Witch summons her hex powers and the playground starts crumbling. The X-Men, even Quicksilver step in to save the children from the crashing playground.

Quicksilver wants to know why his sister did not come clean about what she was doing. Scarlett Witch replies that she was not sure if he would approve. He still demands that she let him know at least. Marvel Girl steps in to give Quicksilver a piece of her mind, telling him to back off from being so controlling of his sister and let her have some freedom and independence. Despite his overprotectiveness, Scarlett Witch understands her brother is only looking out for her the best he knows how, and he is afraid that people will hurt her.

Quicksilver and Angel shake hands with no hard feelings, but Angel reassures him that his sister has pretty much broken up with him but remain friends.

With the playground destroyed, Angel offers to pay to repair it. In the meantime, Iceman fashions a temporary winter wonderland for the children.