X-Men: First Class (Vol 1) Special

The Soul of a Poet

The X-Men make a trip to the Coffee A Go-Go at Greenwich Village. Zelda, the barista that Bobby fancies, had invited them to a poetry performance by Bernard. The X-Men aren’t too keen on poetry, but have accompanied Bobby to make him “look good in front of his favourite barista”.

When Bernard starts his recital, the X-Men are starting to be strangely affected by him. Warren answers Xavier’s call. Xavier tries to inform his students that he had detected a “Neo-Mutant” in their vicinity, but is promptly cut off when Zelda confiscates Warren’s cellphone.

As Bernard’s performance continues, the X-Men find themselves transforming physically: Bobby into a snowman, Scott into a Cyclops, Hank into a Beast, Warren into a bird and Jean into pure energy. As they transform and give their mutancy away, Hank attempts to explain that “Neo-Mutants” have “latent powers” that “only kick in around other x-genes”.

Chaos ensues when the other customers at the cafe start running and screaming seeing the X-Men transform into monsters. Hank deduces that Bernard is the “Neo-Mutant” affecting them and urges Jean to cover her ears. Jean regains control of herself and Xavier is able to contact her telepathically. Xavier has the X-Men get away from Bernard. They soon return to their normal selves.

Meanwhile, Xavier has a brief session with all the people present, erasing their memory of that night’s events, and putting an end to Bernard’s vocal poetry performance, encouraging him to write instead of recite.

The X-Men leave Greenwich Village, not trusting Bobby to plan their evening ever again.

A Girl and Her Dragon

Kitty is chasing a mischievous Lockheed around the mansion when they knock into Scott who is pruning the ivy on the outside walls of the mansion.

Seeing Kitty with her pet dragon reminded him of the time Jean adopted a dragon herself:

The X-Men were exploring a cave for what Xavier assumed to be a mutant when they encountered a Dragon Man, “a synthetic creature built by a scientist and given life by the evil alchemist Diablo”. The X-Men find themselves outmatched by the Dragon Man until Jean discovers a tickle spot behind the Dragon Man’s ears.

Jean brings the Dragon Man back to the mansion, treating it as if it were her pet. Xavier grows concerned about having it around. That night, they receive a distress call from a derailed train, with cars about to fall off the bridge. Jean, with the help of Dragon Man, rushes off to the rescue.

Deciding that it could come in handy, the X-Men kept Dragon Man on the team for awhile. But they soon realise he was hard to control, and could not tell apart the good guys from the bad. It was ruining the X-Men’s image.

Xavier made a firm decision to release Dragon Man on Monster Island where he can live in peace with nature and the large creatures that roam, undisturbed by humans. Jean is sad to see Dragon Man go, but she knows it is in its best interest.

The Mental Might of Marvel Girl