X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #1: The Job Shadow

At dawn, Jean heads out into the woods to practice levitating herself with her telekinesis. When she loses control and falls, the boys come to her rescue. Feeling ridiculed and stereotyped as a damsel in distress, an angry Jean storms back to the mansion.

The boys are puzzled as to why Jean is upset. Xavier deduces that Jean feels misunderstood by her male peers and has no proper female “role model” to “identify” with.

Later that morning, Hank stops by Jean’s room to apologise by offering Jean her biographies of famous extraordinary women that she might look up to. Just then, Xavier alerts them telepathically to receive a special visitor in their X-Men uniform.

All the X-Men rush downstairs. Abruptly, the boys run into an invisible wall. Only Marvel Girl makes it through the wall and finds herself face-to-face with Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four. Xavier has invited Invisible Girl to be acting mentor to Marvel Girl. Marvel Girl gets to tag along with the Fantastic Four on their missions.

While escorting Invisible Girl and Marvel Girl out, Iceman tries to impress Invisible Girl with his ice wall, while Cyclops tries to coax Marvel Girl not to leave with Invisible Girl. However, Marvel Girl is ecstatic at the opportunity to battle alongside the Fantastic Four.

In her first assignment with the Fantastic Four, Marvel Girl and Invisible Girl work together perfectly to take out the Android. They are caught unaware when the Android recovers and holds them captive. Marvel Girl uses her telekinesis to lift the Thing from the hole in the ground to attack the Android from behind, hence saving the day.

Marvel Girl is thrusted into the limelight after helping the Fantastic Four save the day. The rest of the X-Men watch Marvel Girl applauded by reporters, jaws dropped in jealously. The X-Men have never had positive responses from the media like that.

Trying to create a little spite amongst the X-Men who had previously not appreciated Marvel Girl’s talents and contributions to the team, Xavier tossed a suggestion that Marvel Girl is free to join the Fantastic Four if she pleases, “to show the world a mutant in a positive light”. Scott concurs with Xavier’s decision, until he sees Human Torch make a move on the girl he is secretly in love with.

After shadowing Invisible Girl on more missions, Marvel Girl expresses how appreciative she is of Invisible Girl’s mentorship. While investigating the Mad Thinker’s hidden laboratory, Invisible Girl and Marvel Girl find themselves ambushed.

Suddenly, the X-Men appear to save the day, and Marvel Girl has never been more happy to see her former team mates again. The X-Men held off the attackers long enough for Human Torch to arrive and assist them in defeating the enemies.

All at once, the X-Men formally apologise to Marvel Girl for being “insensitive” and begs her not to join the Fantastic Four. Marvel Girl reassures them that the X-Men are her family and that she isn’t going to run off and join the Fantastic Four. Though the bonding experience with Invisible Girl was much needed, Marvel Girl is glad to be back with the X-Men.

As a reward for helping save the day, the Thing offers the X-Men a ride in the Fantasticar.