X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #2: Island X Pt I

The X-Men are enjoying some down time in the mansion since Xavier left for Washington D.C. to meet with Agent Duncan. Suddenly, Xavier contacts the X-Men telepathically about an immediate threat on “an island in the Pacific”.

They found a commercial ship that transported them to the nearby vicinity of the island. From then they proceeded by raft. Once on the mysterious island, they are contacted again by Xavier, who tells them to go to the “north side of the island” where it is presumed that a group of aliens are going to use a “deadly weapon” to take over the human race.

Cyclops suspects something is not quite right with Xavier’s short “transmissions”, but trusts that Xavier probably has his hands tied down in D.C. Angel flies off to scout for a good travel route, but returns panicked, urging everyone to stay hidden in the fog.

Thinking the boys are just trying to scare her, Marvel Girl ignores Angel’s warning and telekinetically expels the fog, only to reveal the truth in Angel’s words. They encounter two giant monsters, and flee into a ravine. Cyclops comes up with a plan to focus all their attack strength on one monster’s foot, causing it to fall over and also crush the monster behind it.

Danger averted, the X-Men proceed on foot deep into the jungle, choosing to take cover under the canopy and remain out of sight of more giant monsters. But they find themselves attacked yet again, this time by flying monkeys. Iceman makes quick work, flinging frost at the monkeys and chasing them off.

Xavier appears abruptly, yet again, reminding them with great urgency to reach the volcano. The X-Men become exasperated and suspicious of Xavier’s behaviour. Suddenly, they hear a mysterious a voice and begin searching for the source. The voices sound familiar, like an echo. They are lured to a carnivorous tree and bound in the tree’s branches. Angel is about to get eaten when Cyclops blasts them free.

They make their way to a clearing that looks safe enough to set up camp for the night. Beast offers to share his sandwiches with his team mates who have lost their backpacks. While they eat, they observe the queer animals native to the island, from fire-breathing dragons to oversized butterflies.

Beast speculates that isolation from the rest of the world caused the species of animals on the island to evolve and mutate. Iceman theorises that someone on the island is creating monster experiments to destroy the world and the X-Men are sent to stop them.

While Marvel Girl admires the giant butterfly perched on her wrist, more butterflies start swarming around them, attacking them. Iceman puts his powers to use and drive the insects away.

By this time, the X-Men are getting fed up with the mission. Xavier appears to reprimand the X-Men, that they are not trying hard enough to keep the world safe. He insists they make their way to the volcano on the island, before disappearing again.

After analysing the situation they are in and Xavier’s odd behaviour, it dawns upon Cyclops that they might have walked into a trap.

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