X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #4: Road Trip

It is spring break for the X-Men. Jean’s family has planned a vacation to Switzerland. Scott is going kayaking with his brother, Alex. And Warren is visiting his family in Maine.

Bobby looks on at the family reunions on the front porch. While he misses his parents, he is afraid to go home as the rest of his town ostracises mutants, and he was almost killed by a mob.

After everyone has left, only Bobby and Hank remain in the mansion. Hank’s family is too busy with work to have him home for the break, so he opted to remain at the mansion and do some reading for next semester’s classes.

Xavier has a private telepathic conversation with Hank and urges him to take Bobby on a road trip. The experience will allow them to get to know each other better, and help to lift Bobby’s spirits.

Their adventures include a visit to “The Devil’s Vortex”, Atlantic City to win some “gas money”, camping, and a drive down the east coast to Key West. During their stop in Miami, Bobby and Hank debate on Jean’s romantic interest. Bobby says Warren but Hank insists she is into Scott.

They encounter a hurricane while in Key West. With Bobby’s powers and some ingenuity, they are able to get everyone off the island through an ice tunnel. Bobby and Hank wait out the storm in an igloo but have trouble getting home when the morning after the storm reveals they are trapped in a flood.