X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #11: Canon

The world of Marvel has invaded our reality. All villains have been let loose, and it is up to the team of “Continuiteens” to save the day. Doyle, the team leader, calls for team mates Kell and Marin to “re-form”, as well as contacts the X-Men for backup as the rest of the superheroes are out-of-action.

Xavier arrives with Beast, Marvel Girl and Iceman. Galactus and the Green Goblin are wrecking havoc in the city. Xavier tries to calm the frantic running crowd. The Green Goblin vanishes, and the X-Men are left to confront Galactus. When Galactus asks the X-Men to hand over Spiderman, the X-Men become suspicious. Marvel Girl’s telekinetic blast reveals Galactus to be Mysterio in disguise.

And suddenly, Mysterio disappears. Xavier resumes contact with the X-Men, and he too is dumbfounded by the situation. He suggests the X-Men search for Mysterio while he continues his efforts to calm the frantic city crowd.

Marvel Girl remembers that while they were fighting Galactus, the Continuiteens where trying to tell them about their theory of what was happening. The X-Men go in search of the Continuiteens.

The Continuiteens are reading comics obtained from an alternate reality. These comics come from Diamond Distributors’ warehouse in the Florida Everglades where the Man-Thing resides. Events of our reality are “quality fiction” of the reality from which the comics shipped, thus the Continuiteens are really reading about the future. They used to “intervene” in the events of the future, but things soon got out of hand and they “retired”. These special comics stopped shipping when Man-Thing closed the rift in the swamp, but a new batch appeared when Mysterio interfered. Mysterio had secretly stored the mystical swamp water to save for later use.

The Continuiteens read into the future to find out where Mysterio is. They head to Mysterio’s hideout, a water treatment facility. Mysterio is mixing the mystical water with fog to create an army. When the tank of swamp water got damaged in the fight, the gushing water starts to create a rift and Mysterio’s army starts to disappear. Mysterio escapes as the rift sucks the Continuiteens into it. The Continuiteens now cease to exist and reality is restored.