X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #15: Bad Hair Day

The X-Men are flying home from their last mission when Xavier “picked up distress calls from an airport”. They head over to investigate and find a flying saucer. Xavier tries to make contact with the pilot, and discovers that a human is piloting the craft and seems to be in trouble.

Cyclops and Beast adorn parachutes, with Beast grabbing hold of Iceman, jump out of the plane to try and land the saucer. Cyclops blasts the saucer to disable it’s throttle, sending it crashing in Beast’s and Iceman’s direction. Beast lands Iceman on the saucer, with Iceman given instructions to ice the saucer and make it heavy. Then it is Marvel Girl’s turn to telekinetically slow the saucer and land it.

Madame Medusa appears from the saucer, angry that the X-Men have destroyed it. She starts attacking them with her hair. The X-Men recognise her from the Wizard’s “Frightful Four” that battled the Fantastic Four. Iceman freezes Medusa’s hair and puts an end to the fight.

Cyclops is about to turn Medusa to the police and she demands to know what crime she had committed, other than joining a team of people with superhuman powers to belong. The X-Men decide that they had better consult Xavier on this matter as she might be a mutant just like them. With that, Medusa breaks free of the ice herself. Pleased with the X-Men’s good character, she agrees to meet Xavier.

The X-Men are having tea with their guest in the library. A surprised Jean walks in to find everyone without their masks. Hank appears to be infatuated with Medusa. Jean is envious of Medusa’s lively hair and tries to mimic that with using telekinesis on her own hair. Medusa tells Xavier that she is unable to remember anything from her past and felt vulnerable so she joined the Wizard’s team. Xavier senses that her thoughts are blocked as he is unable to read her life history, but has a suspicion that she might be more than human.

Reaching a mental block, Xavier apologises and extends a welcome stay to Medusa in hopes he might be able to help later. The guys appear to be excited at the notion that Medusa will be staying for a few days. Jean is less than happy to have another attractive redhead in the house.

Unknown to Medusa or the X-Men, the Wizard has tracked down the saucer that Medusa used to make her escape from him.

The next morning, Medusa finds a moment to speak to Jean, inquiring about Warren, whom she has not seen around. Jean tells her that he decided to stay with the people of the Land of Mists where they accept “him and his wings”. Jean makes a passing comment that Medusa would be able to cut her hair instead of going through the trouble of disguising it like Warren has to do with his wings. That comment offends Medusa and Hank jumps in to apologise for Jean and offers to give Medusa a tour of the mansion. Medusa candidly negates his advances asks if she could have another consultation with Xavier, but he has “gone into town for supplies” with Scott.

The door bell rings and Hank answers, only to find the Wizard pointing a gun in his face. The Wizard has come for Medusa, and quickly rids Beast, Marvel Girl and Iceman with “antigravity disc” technology, sending them hovering high into the atmosphere. Xavier and Scott are on the way back, only to find the rest of the X-Men flying towards space.

Back at the mansion, Medusa is attacking the Wizard, refusing to rejoin his team. The next minute however, the Wizard has exercised mind control over Medusa and she calmly agrees to return with him. Cyclops tries to stop the Wizard, and is confronted by Medusa and her hair. Xavier comes to a realisation of how the Wizard’s mind-control works. He has Cyclops break the Wizard’s helmet and remove the device attached to the back of Medusa’s neck. The Wizard is turned in to the police.

And Angel returns to save the X-Men who are still afloat in the sky.

Angel’s Back