X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #16: 4X

Iceman’s and Human Torch’s immaturity lands them both in trouble with their respective teams. After a brief reprimanding from their seniors, Iceman and Human Torch both decide of their own accord to leave their teams.

Iceman heads to Coffee-A-Go-Go, hoping to hang out with Zelda, the barista he has a crush on. Meanwhile, Human Torch is scouting the city for some crime-fighting action. Then he spots men in robotic suits robbing an armoured truck. He had not anticipated fire extinguishers built into the suits that Mr Fantastic designed despite knowing the weak points of the suit. When his flames are put out, Iceman, who was in the vicinity, comes to his aid. With some teamwork, the duo defeat the robbers and make the headlines on the evening news.

Discovering they share the same sentiments regarding their respective teams, Iceman and Human Torch decide to “hang out”. Human Torch shows Iceman his retreat when he is having “some problems” with the Fantastic Four. To pass the time, the two decide to “monitor” ongoing crimes with Human Torch’s police scanner. With nothing exciting happening, they head out for dinner.

Realising they need “cool villains” in order to build a “rep”, they plan to take over Spiderman’s territory. They find Spiderman at a stakeout and convince him to take the night off. After ranting about their team mates to each other for awhile, some activity finally happens. Scorpion and Beetle in disguise, had set an ambush for Spiderman, only to find themselves faced with Iceman and Human Torch.

Scorpion and Beetle, having brought down a building on Iceman and Human Torch, are convinced that the superheroes are taken care off. They decide to become a villainous duo, but cannot settle on a team name, giving Iceman and Human Torch the chance to take them out.

They make the headlines in the papers the next morning. Scott and Jean are getting concerned about the duo’s publicity, but Xavier has a suspicion that the team of Iceman and Human Torch are about to break up.

When Iceman wakes up late that morning, Human Torch has yet to return from their coffee run. He heads down to Coffee-A-Go-Go, only to find Human Torch flirting with his crush, Zelda. With their partnership cut and dried, Iceman returns to the X-Men, happy to be home.