X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) Giant-Sized

The Thing (From Another Aisle)

The rest of the X-Men look on as Beast gets assigned a “special project” by Xavier and Agent Baker for getting “best grades for the semester”. The project (dropped by the FBI) is to investigate extra-terrestrials in Antarctica.

Beast takes Iceman with him. Their investigation leads to a laboratory where a scientist is experimenting with mutating soy beans to grow into animals but some mutations have gone wrong. After the lab burns down, Beast and Iceman close the case.

Invasion of the Bobby Snatchers

The X-Men are in Santa Mira, California, to investigate a town with people “acting strange”. They meet a boy, William, running away from his parents, crying that his parents have been replaced as they are overly nice to him. The X-Men are invited to the William’s family’s barbecue.

When Beast chases William into the greenhouse, he comes across a mutated plant capable of producing “surrogate life form”. The plant had started mimicking the forms of Angel, Marvel Girl and Iceman, and Beast is held captive.

When Cyclops finally parks his motorcycle, he comes looking for his team mates. He walks into the greenhouse to find Beast incapsulated in ice, calling for help. Marvel Girl approaches Cyclops to warn him that the frozen Beast is an “artificial life form”. Cyclops blasts Beast, but Marvel Girl, who was real, split Cyclops’ optic blast to destroy the artificial Angel and Iceman. Beast is freed. The mutated plants are burned and Xavier reawakens the real townsfolk from “suspended animation”.