X-Men Mangaverse #1: Equinox

A week ago, a mutant named Rogue runs away from the X-Men in search of someone called “Miss Sefton”. After her disappearance, the X-Men search all over for her. Honey, Wolverine and Cyclops visit a club that Rogue frequents to inquire her whereabouts. They get into a fight with Nightcrawler and his posse. The X-Men gain the upper hand and Nightcrawler escapes without his tail. Cyclops questions the club manager, who spills the beans on Rogue’s whereabouts.

The X-Men return and Wolverine is about to tell Storm some bad news when Marvel Girl announces that some research into Rogue’s diary has shed some light on the situation. Due to the nature of her powers, Rogue isn’t able to touch anyone and that has made her feel isolated. Recently, an energy being had been visiting her in the night. His “electric embrace...helps [her] feel again”. Rogue had run away to help this being to return the favour for helping her feel again. Storm deduces from Rogue’s descriptions that the being is a demon named Magnus.

Storm goes into a raging fit, and then proceeds to explain Magnus to the X-Men. Storm and Sefton were part of a “coven of witches”. Sefton sought more power and practiced “darker arts”. She summoned the demon, Magnus, but is unable to “contain his power”. With the help of Storm, Sefton managed to “[banish] him to the Earth’s electromagnetic field” that holds him captive. Both witches had been approached by Wolverine to join the X-Men, but only Storm agreed to join.

Storm further explains that she believes Sefton intends to kill Magnus once she had gotten him to assume an “earthy form”. But Sefton would need a “metallic form” to contain him. A realisation dawns on Wolverine on what the “metallic form” might be.

The X-Men immediately set off in the Blackbird. The brothers, Wolverine and Cyclops handle the flight controls. Storm, Marvel Girl and Honey are talking in the passenger cabin of the jet. The conversation moves into the domain of Marvel Girl’s personal life and relationships. She makes a passing statement that her relationship with Wolverine is over, and she now has her eye on Cyclops.

They arrive at Sefton’s hideout, and Sefton’s team, the Azure, is waiting for the X-Men. Beast immediately starts attacking them. Storm goes after Sefton, who turns out to be Mystique in disguise. Storm makes no haste in frying Mystique with lightning, and resumes her search for Sefton.

Beast has Marvel Girl in his grasp and Cyclops comes to her rescue. Wolverine meanwhile is busy with Nightcrawler but makes quick work of him.

Storm finds Sefton and Rogue, but is a little too late to stop Sefton from summoning Magnus into Colossus’ body. Sefton is killed by Magnus. The rest of the X-Men quickly arrive to try and stop Magnus. Magnus proves to be too powerful for the X-Men to handle. Rogue absorbs Marvel Girl’s powers and vanquishes Magnus. Rogue is now left confused and flees, leaving the X-Men stunned as well.