Avengers vs X-Men #6: Round Six Infinite

The Phoenix Force has been taken from Hope, fragmented, and partially assumed by Cyclops. He stands looking over Utopia, his “singular” visionary sanctuary for mutants. Now with the power of the Phoenix, he plans to restore mutants to the superior species.

Bombarded by a never ending rampage of telepathic thoughts, he goes to the moon to reflect in solitude. He finds himself thinking of Jean, and wanders to the Blue Area of the Moon where Jean perished as the Phoenix.

He thinks back to when Jean, as the host, sacrificed herself to stop the destruction of the Phoenix. He comes across the weapon Jean used to commit suicide. But he finds himself emotionless when reacting to such tragic memories.

Seeking someone to talk to, he creates a vision of Jean out of moon dust. Jean explains that the Phoenix Force “amplifies” the host. Jean was emotional, and the Phoenix grew her feelings till they were infinite. Cyclops on the other hand, the controlled one, believes this will allow him to reign in the Phoenix because he is able to control his emotions so well. Jean says that his journey to the moon was a test to see if he was “losing perspective”. And he has lost, because he cannot connect anymore to “the single most traumatic moment of uncontrolled emotion [he’s] ever experienced”. He merely observes the memory, and begins to wonder if he has lost his humanity. He has to keep fighting the Phoenix from taking over to “preserve the man [he’s] always been”.

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