Avengers vs X-Men #12: Round Twelve

Ironman comes to the conclusion that the mystical forces wielded by the Scarlet Witch and Hope are their only chance of stopping the Phoenix. But first, the two women have to set their differences aside and make peace.

Meanwhile, the X-Men and the rest of the Avengers are powerless to stop Cyclops who, as Dark Phoenix, is destroying the earth.

The Scarlet Witch and Hope arrive just in time to stop Cyclops. When he realises he has lost control of the Phoenix, he begs them to kill him and the Phoenix. In his last moments, he sees Jean coming to lead him away from the Phoenix as the Scarlet Witch and Hope draw the Phoenix Force out from Cyclops.

The Phoenix then re-assumes Hope as its host. Hope travels around the globe to extinguish the fires started by Cyclops. She intends to do right by becoming the White Phoenix. But the Scarlet Witch urges Hope to let the Phoenix go. Only Hope has the “strength” to release the Phoenix Force. The time has come to stop “playing God”.

When the Phoenix Force is released, mutants all over the world are restored to their powers.

Cyclops is held by the Avengers in a ruby Quartz prison. Emma, Magneto, and Namor, the renegade mutants are fugitives. The Avengers help rebuild the X-Men to deal with the ever increasing number of mutants as the days pass. Hope is finally free. And although Xavier is lost to them, “there always has to be destruction...before the rebirth”.

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