X-Men vs Brood: Day of Wrath Pt I

In a motel in Sedona, Arizona, Jean Grey awakens from her nightmare screaming. She experienced a “psionic echo”. The Brood empress on her “homeworld” is planning to invade Earth because there is a queen, a human infected with the Brood. The empress seeks to destroy this queen.

Scott Summers tries to calm his wife down as Jean explains her nightmare to him. Scott urges Jean to quickly contact the professor. Jean briefly checks on her family telepathically as Scott gets dressed. Jean contacts the professor telepathically as she gets dressed. Professor Xavier immediately gathers the X-Men and sends them to the aid of Scott and Jean.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jean track down the Brood queen to the travelling quarters of the Connovers, friends to mutants. Jean telepathically senses that Hannah Connover is the Brood queen. But Hannah seems to be fighting the Brood she has been infected with, and no human has ever done that.

The “firstborn” Brood have arrived on Earth and are met with their contact, Josey Thomas. The Brood was sent to kill Hannah Connover and all the other people she had infected with her touch. Thomas leads the Brood to the town Hannah was in, and she is shortly killed by the Brood. The Brood finds Hannah and attacks her. Hannah is quickly defended by the Brood she has created; the people travelling with her and her husband.

After changing into their costumes, Cyclops and Phoenix attack the Brood to protect Hannah. Hannah wants them to get her away from humans as she cannot control the Brood inside of her any longer. Just when the Brood proves too much to handle, the X-Men arrive.

After an intense brawl, the X-Men finally kill the Brood by setting fire to the cars on the road and vapourising the Brood. But the damage has been done as Hannah alerts the X-Men that these few Brood attackers have come merely to “alert [Hannah’s] ‘children’”. The Brood attackers had to be tracked down immediately.

As the X-Men make their way to the Blackbird, Wolverine suggest that Hannah should be killed along with the rest of the Brood. Phoenix jumps in to defend Hannah, stating that Hannah “has retained elements of her humanity”. Meanwhile, Beast is puzzled as to why Hannah is able to resist the Brood inside of her.

Suddenly, Hannah’s Brood “children” appear to reclaim their queen from the X-Men. They attack the X-Men, but Hannah immediately commands them to stop as the X-Men are friends. Even though Hannah is appreciative of everyone’s help, she feels that the only way the empress will stop attacking is if she’s “dead or have surrendered the tatters of [her] humanity”.

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