X-Men: Prelude to Schism #4: Part Four

As Cyclops consults with Xavier and Magneto, Wolverine waits silently in a corner observing his team mates and allies. Emma is certain the attack is imminent because she can sense it telepathically. Namor claims that this attack was prophesised by his people in ancient times. Others like Kitty are hopeful that the attack might not happen at all.

Wolverine was born into a wealthy Canadian family, headed by his overbearing grandfather. As a child, James lived in fear of his “firm but fair” grandfather. When he witnessed the murder of his father, James manifested his mutation and “popped [his] claws”.

His childhood friend Rose was the only one who stood by him and helped him, even when his grandfather exhiled him. He channelled his anger into his work. He saw the bully in him come out, a reminder of the part of his grandfather that existed inside of him.

As much as his team mates start to bicker about whether they should stay to fight or run, Wolverine has made up his mind to stay put and fight, not run. He firmly believes that if you tell yourself you can “out loud”, you will will be able to do what you set out to do. And he is getting restless, ready to pick a fight with the cowards who want to run from the attack. Wolverine believes that anyone can beat the odds if they tell themselves they can. The X-Men can and will successfully defend Utopia, and he is glad that Cyclops decided that they will stay to fight.

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