The Search for Cyclops #4: Found!

Aucai finally makes his way to the ancient ruins of Akkaba, trailed closely by Jean and Cable. Cable tells Jean to be cautious. Akkaba is the birthplace of Apocalypse, and they don’t know who is in control. But Jean lets her emotions get the better of her as she dashes towards the ruins.

Jean: “The time to be cautious is over. I’m going to get my husband back.”

Aucai fights the pain as he struggles to keep Apocalypse from taking over him. Anais tells him “it only hurts because [he] fights it.” Aucai says he wants the pain to end, but Anais knows he’s just afraid to release Apocalypse. And if he doesn’t want Apocalypse, he can transfer his essense to her instead. Aucai takes up the offer, but a small part of him resists. Anais then attacks him to take it from him by force.

Cable jumps into the fray and takes on Anais, distracting Anais to give Jean the opportunity to reach Scott’s mind. For a moment when Jean thinks she has gotten a hold on Scott and approaches him, Apocalypse suddenly takes over and releases an optic blast on Jean. He escapes. Anais, Jean and Cable pursue him.

Back at the warehouse in New York, Blaquesmith is seen purging Apocalypse from the system’s files. We learn that it was Blasquesmith that sent Gauntlet to kill Cyclops, as he “could not risk Apocalypse surviving -- Even if it meant killing [his] father”.

Scott crawls into a crevice in the wall. It is apparent that Apocalypse has taken over Scott’s body. cable steps up to confront Apocalypse, who manifests his true form. Meanwhile, Jean manages to get a secure hold on Scott’s psychic.

Jean: “Scott! I’ve got you! Don’t let go of my --”
Scott: “I love you, Jean...And, if you love me, let Cable do...What must be done.”

Cable battles Apocalypse, but the latter seems too strong for Cable to handle as the fight proves to very emotional for him. When Cable seizes the chance to strike Apocalypse, Apocalypse’s form shifts into that of Scott. Scott tells Cable that he’s got to stop Apocalypse when he’s got control. Cable hesitates and Apocalypse uses that to his advantage.

Jean tries a different tactic, a mental attack. Jean engages Apocalypse long enough in a mental conversation before mustering her strength to separate Apocalypse’s essence from the body of Scott Summers. And with Cable’s psimitar, he kills and disperses Apocalypse’s essence.

Cable returns Scott his visor that he had been keeping to remember Scott by. The couple embrace and Cable leaves them be. He finds Anais in a dark corner. She warns him that “what Apocalypse touches...He changes”.

Ozymandias: “For centuries, I served Apocalypse. His life, at long last, is over. The world owes Scott Summers -- And his family -- An unimaginable debt. But what price will he pay? can one come so close to darkness...And remain pure?”

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