X-Factor Forever #1: Family

It is a typical morning at the X-Factor base, Ship. Scott and Jean share the responsibility of raising his infant son, Christopher. Still dealing with the memories of Phoenix/Dark Phoenix and Madelyn/Goblin Queen, Jean doesn’t take too lightly to Scott’s persistent marriage proposal.

The quiet of the morning is interrupted by the rest of the boys: Hank, Warren and Bobby. They quickly take off to spend the rest of the morning at their own leisure.

Meanwhile, Apocalypse’s hound, Caliban, is tracking down Sabretooth, the last of the Marauders who murdered the Morlocks. X-Factor, since freeing Ship from Apocalypse’s control, has drawn interest from the Celestials, whom Ship is once again able to communicate with. Apocalypse fears that the Celestials might once again come to pass judgement on humanity, condemning it as a “genetic dead end” and hence eradication.

Warren flies Timmy to school. Timmy is the son of his close friend, policewoman Charlotte Jones, who is indifferent to his new appearance and treats him as another other human being. Timmy shares his mom’s confidence that Warren is a good person and regards him as his hero. At Timmy’s school, Warren is received by the other kids clamoring for his autograph. Later, he confides in Charlotte that Timmy is helping him overcome his dark past.

Bobby travels to New Jersey to take his girlfriend, Opal, out on a date. Hank is at Newark Airport to meet his girlfriend, Trish, who has returned from her journalist assignment in India. While in India, Trish agreed to sponsor an orphan’s heart operation in the States, and has plans to adopt her.

Caliban tracks down Sabretooth and gives him a beat down in the sewers. Satisfied that he has “killed” Sabretooth, Caliban is transported back to Apocalypse’s side beneath the Himalayas. Apocalypse is resurrecting the Sentinels and Cameron Hodge, to distract X-Factor while he breaks into Ship to learn more of its correspondence with the Celestials. Caliban is sent to Genosha to retrieve Cameron Hodge.

Later that day, the whole X-Factor team are out and about in the city, stopping to entertain photo ops. Hank shares his concern with the rest of the team regarding Ship’s “technical glitches” and top secret programs and correspondence with the Celestials.

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