X-Factor Forever #3: Unexpected

The menacing appearance of Gammenon drew the attention of other superheroes: the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and the Avengers. They all show up to evacuate the people still trapped downtown and in danger of being swept away by the flash flood caused by Gammenon, allowing X-Factor to be able concentrate fully on finding out why the Celestial appeared.

They rush back to Ship, only to find their headquarters had been compromised. They follow the trail of damage, only to find Apocalypse and Caliban. Archangel impulsively attacks Apocalypse. Iceman jumps in to back up his team mate as Caliban defends his master. X-Factor continue to attack Apocalypse and Caliban when Apocalypse refuses call off Caliban when Cyclops proposes a truce.

Apocalypse taunts X-Factor with the ugly truth of Mutantkind: that “its branches are barren”. Barely defeating X-Factor, Apocalypse succeeds in capturing Cyclops’ son, Christopher, to present to Arishem the Judge. The “fate of humanity” now lies in the hands of young Christopher.

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