X-Factor Forever #5: Collateral Damage

While X-Factor is engaged in battle with Sinister’s army of mutant clones, Apocalypse sudden appears, with Christopher in hand. It turns out Christopher is the natural child of Cyclops and not a clone of Sinister’s, though Sinister has since created multiple clones of Christopher. Apocalypse then turns on Sinister, his former servant and creation, and teleports X-Factor back to Ship.

Seeing as Apocalypse had returned his son unharmed and saved X-Factor in the process, Cyclops agrees to comply with Apocalypse’s request to present Christopher to the Celestials as proof that mutantkind will survive.

Approaching the Celestials, Christopher shuts off his force field, an indicator that he is not afraid. Cyclops and Marvel Girl see this as a sign that it is safe to proceed. After a few moments of evaluation, Arishem returns Christopher and gives X-Factor the “thumbs up”. The Celestials then depart.

Ship informs X-Factor that the Celestials’ approval of Christopher has unlocked Apocalypse’s hidden “journal” in Ship’s archives. They learn that previously, “Apocalypse considered the deviants (of Lemuria) a threat to humanity--so he set up the Celestials to destroy their island”. As of the present moment, Apocalypse has set up the Celestials to destroy Genosha, that the former considers a “threat to mutantkind”. X-Factor race towards Genosha, fearing for the safety of their loved ones who are on a mission in Genosha.

They try to warn the Chief Magistrate of Genosha to evacuate Genosha. The Celestials are enroute to destroy Genosha. Cyclops instructs Ship to teleport the mutates his brother and Rahne were aiding to safety while the island is obliterated. Satisfied that their mission is accomplished, the Celestials depart.

With Ship as a temporary floating craft, X-Factor pluck the remaining hundreds of survivors out of the ocean. Cyclops and Marvel Girl debate on the ulterior motives of Apocalypse.

Cyclops: “In his own obsessive way, he was trying to protect us. And, despite his journal, he just doesn’t seem the self-sacrificing type. But I think he truly feared Genosha and what its policies could mean for the future of our kind.”
Marvel Girl: “And so he bought us a better future with the blood of millions? I don’t think karma works that way.”
Cyclops: “I know. But whatever the future holds--Good or bad...”
Marvel Girl: “We’ll face it together.”

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