X-Men and Spiderman #1: The Strangest Teens of All

The X-Men had come to the aid of the Hulk, trying to get him away from the military who are attacking him. It is reported in the news however, that the X-Men were in fact attacking the Hulk and the military had to step in to defuse the situation. The X-Men are piqued by the fact that J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle is “ramping up anti-mutant hysteria just to sell papers”. Bobby wonders why Jameson, who usually targets Spiderman, is now coming after mutants.

Peter Parker, for one, is glad that Jameson is off Spiderman’s back, as he gets to live his real life for a change, spending it with his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

The talk show on television continues, first with an interview with Jameson, pouting his hatred for mutants, and then with Kraven the Hunter, who comes to some conclusion that Spiderman is a mutant (though Professor Xavier has proven Spiderman not to be a mutant). Now the target has been redirected towards Spiderman again. The X-Men feel that they should warn him and set out to track down Spiderman.

Peter is out on the town, hanging out with his girl, Gwen, and his friend Harry and his girl, MJ. Meanwhile, Kraven is on the hunt. The X-Men are not far behind, but Jean is unable to “pinpoint” precisely Spiderman’s location, but narrows it down to The Coffee Bean cafe.

The cafe is crowded. Peter, Gwen and MJ meet up with Harry. Flash Thompson finds himself drawn towards Jean and demands that she dance with him. Scott jumps in to defend Jean, but Jean telepathically relays to Scott that dancing with Flash gives her the perfect opportunity to move through the crowd and find Spiderman. Warren attempts to hit it up with Gwen or MJ, but the girls go for Hank and Bobby instead.

Peter and Harry had been too busy arguing to notice that their girlfriends started dancing with Hank and Bobby. Harry gets upset. Scott decides to step in after Flash gets too cozy with Jean. Peter is the only one keeping his cool, when Kraven barges in and demands that Spiderman reveal himself or someone dies.

Peter locks himself in the bathroom to change into his Spiderman costume. Jean puts a telepathic suggestion in everyone’s mind to buy the X-Men time to change into their costumes. The Blob shows up to lend Kraven a hand. The X-Men and Spiderman team up against Kraven and the Blob. Amidst the fight, Marvel Girl gets knocked unconscious by Kraven, who deems her the most powerful and dangerous opponent. Iceman puts a protective ice shield around her and rejoins the fight. Kraven targets Iceman next and cuts him on the arm. He also takes shots at Angel, Beast and Cyclops before fleeing the scene. The Blob is finally subdued in a mess of ice and spider webbing.

As the X-Men regroup, Spiderman prepares to take off before the police arrive. The X-Men offer Spiderman assistance since he now has “mutant” painted on his back. Spiderman shrugs it off and says he does better on his own.

Later, Kraven meets up with Mr Sinister to deliver five vials of mutant DNA: that of the five X-Men.

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