X-Men: Children of the Atom #6: The Great Cathedral Space

Hank is helping Scott put together a visor for combat to help him control his optic blasts better. Warren comes to find them, and the three stumble across Cerebro. Hank is intrigued by Cerebro and is intent on figuring out how to operate it. Warren is unimpressed and goes to check on Bobby. Scott remains with Hank.

Bobby is feeling “nervous”. Warren gives him a pep talk for encouragement.

Hank discovers that Cerebro is a “mutant tracking device”, and Xavier’s “signal” is stored. He will be able to use that to track Xavier. Scott muses aloud that he’s “starting to see the potential of this place” and that they have the opportunity to do good and help other mutants out there in need and with no one else to turn to. Hank remarks that Scott would make a great “coach”.

Once Hank pinpoints Xavier’s location, him, Scott and Warren head outside in search of transportation. They find Bobby attempting to hot wire a car when Hank presents him with the keys.

Metzger is presenting his “super soldier”, Arthur to the FBI. Jean and Starkey are forced into a cell with Arthur, who was created by Metzger for the purpose of killing mutants. Jean is fatally injured after being assaulted by Arthur. Starkey, an empath, decides to sacrifice his life for Jean by “assimilating [Jean’s] damage into his own body”. Metzger orders Arthur to eliminate the now-healed Jean.

Meanwhile, Chad is addressing soldiers training to be Metzger’s “elite guard” at Metzger’s Trenton compound when Magneto makes his grand entrance and takes care of the soldiers.

Xavier and Agent Duncan break into the FBI headquarters. Unbeknownst to them, Scott, Warren, Hank and Bobby have also infiltrated the compound and Arthurs cell. Duncan rescues Jean in a blizzard while Scott and Hank keep Arthur busy. Xavier realises his students have followed him here when Duncan mentions the “blizzard”.

Xavier heads back to Arthur’s cell to “round up [his] students”, only to find Magneto has joined the fight against Arthur. Magneto easily defeats Arthur.

Xavier finds Scott, Warren, Hank and Bobby with Starkey who is dying. Starkey advises Xavier to let go of his “anger” lest he end up like Magneto, who is consumed by rage.

Scott explains to Xavier that they “showed up here out of belief” in Xavier’s “dream”. Xavier is not alone anymore in this fight, and they are going to stand by him and fight for his dream. Xavier gathers his students and head home.

Magneto on the other hand seeks out and kills Metzger by hurling him into space. The disappearance of Metzger makes way for Senator Robert Kelly to become the new figurehead in the anti-mutant establishment.

The next day, Jean enrols in the Institute. This makes her the fifth and final member of the original X-Men.

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