X-Men: Mythos

In Buffalo, New York, Magneto kills three white teenage American boys in cold blood for murdering a 12-year-old girl named Sarah because she was a mutant.

In Salem Centre, New York, Professor Xavier is watching news reports on the “Mutant Registration Act”, as well as the murder of the teenage boys, which has been labelled a mystery. Turning the television off, he summons his students, the X-Men, to report in his office.

The X-Men were to continue with their training in the Danger Room, but this time, they were going to deal with more dangerous circumstances. Having studied Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, the X-Men were encountering a stimulated battle scene similar to Waterloo.

Suddenly, Xavier goes into a trance-like state, having sensed Magneto’s attack. He orders the X-Men to prepare the Blackbird. They were going to test their powers “in a live combat situation”.

Approaching Cape Citadel, Xavier briefs his students about Magneto. Using what they had learnt that day, the X-Men were going to stop Magneto.

Inexperienced, the X-Men are taken down quickly by Magneto. Xavier approaches Magneto, trying to convince the latter to stop the war, but Magneto insists that mutants will be under attack if they don’t stand up and defend themselves by all means necessary. Magneto had come to this facility to destroy the mutant DNA database files. While the Mutant Registration act had not been passed, the government had been secretly “stealing” and “registering” mutant DNA.

As news helicopters arrive, Magneto disappears in a flash, leaving Xavier to deal with the situation. Xavier orders a hasty retreat. Magneto had started a war.