X-Men: Origins: Cyclops

Xavier is taking a leave of absence and wants Scott to lead the X-Men until he returns. A reluctant Scott tells Xavier that he’s having thoughts of quitting the X-Men. Xavier is adamant in entrusting the X-Men to Scott’s care; he has a “special gift” on top of his mutant powers: “the ability to lead” and “inspire others”. Xavier wants reassurance that Scott will “accept this duty” “fully aware of the risks, the responsibilities, and the losses [he] may incur”.

Scott’s thoughts drift back to the day he lost his parents. His father’s plane was attacked and shot down. With only one parachute, his parents sacrificed their lives to save him and his brother, Alex.

Scott suffered a concussion while protecting Alex from a hard landing. That night as the brothers made camp in the woods, Scott promised Alex that he will take care of him. The crash was spotted by a troop of soldiers hunting poachers. They rescue Scott and Alex.

Years later, the brothers have been separated. Alex got adopted while Scott remained at the orphanage. Soon, Scott manifested his optic blasts. His powers were uncontrollable due to the concussion he sustained from the fall.

Xavier discovered Scott on the night he fled the orphanage. Xavier offers Scott a place at the Institute where he can learn to use his powers for good.

On his first mission at Cape Citadel, Cyclops comes face to face with Magneto for the first time. Magneto intends to persuade Cyclops over to his side one day. He explains that it is the natural order of evolution that “mutants will rule this earth”. But Cyclops is disgusted by Magneto’s disregard for innocent lives. Although he views Xavier’s “teachings” as “simplistic”, that peace between humans and mutants is unattainable, Cyclops believes that realistically humans and mutants can learn to tolerate each other and not “wipe each other out”. Cyclops urges Magneto not to paint mutants as “terrorists”.

Just then, the rest of Cyclops’ team mates arrive. Magneto retreats. Cyclops is grateful for his team for having his back.

Back in the present, Scott accepts Xavier’s offer. On the condition that he’s “going to make decisions based on [his] own best judgment”, but Xavier “may not like those decisions”. The two men come to a mutual understanding and Scott agrees to “lead them all”.