X-Men: Origins: Jean Grey

One winter day, Professor Xavier visits a reclusive Jean Grey in empty room at the Grey residence. Jean’s parents are at their wits end when John Grey consults Xavier, a family friend of the Greys, to help Jean heal from the trauma after her friend, Annie’s fatal accident.

After visiting countless doctors, Xavier had been the only one who was able to establish communication with Jean, and John is convinced he is the only person able to help his daughter. Xavier advises the Greys to be patient as the healing process is going to be a long one.

Xavier travels into Jean’s psyche to the root of the trauma, which was Annie’s accident and death. The trauma triggered Jean’s telepathy and telekinesis. The experience of Annie dying was too much for Jean to handle and she closed herself out from the world. Xavier shows Jean the wonders that her powers can do and over the years, teaches Jean how to control and harness her abilities.

One fine day, Jean decides she is ready to take the first steps outside her room. Her first interaction with another person other than Xavier is her sister, Sarah. Sarah, now a teenager, seeing Jean so full of life for the first time in years is overjoyed to have her sister “back”. The sisters embrace fondly.

The next step was to introduce Jean back into society. Xavier brings Jean to the mall. At first, Jean is apprehensive about the number of people in the mall and hence the hundreds of voices she would have to keep out of her head. Xavier encourages Jean to have faith in herself.

Jean is making progress, until a running kid bumps into her, distracting her momentarily. All of a sudden, Jean loses control and the stress causes her to send out a telekinetic blast.

Jean is back to square one. Back home, Xavier has a grave discussion with Jean’s parents. Xavier plans to place barriers in Jean’s mind until she can cope with her having her abilities.

Back in her psyche, Jean revisits Annie’s death. That is when she realised she had been haunted by her own fear of letting Annie go. Jean learns to forgive herself for Annie’s death and move on with her life.

Jean grows into a healthy teenager with control over her telekinetic abilities. But Xavier tells her parents that she needs more. Xavier was planning to open a school for young mutants like Jean so he can train them to accept their powers and not fear the public.

Jean agrees to enroll in Xavier’s school. Her parents reluctantly let her go, honouring Jean’s decision.

In a danger room session, Jean is off her game and almost puts herself and Iceman in danger. Xavier calls Jean to his office to discuss her troubles. Jean feels too isolated in the school and yearns to be out in the real world. When the rest of the X-Men are preparing for an urgent mission, Jean sneaks out of the school and takes a walk around town.

While watching her team mates on television, Jean strikes a casual conversation with a girl on the street. Suddenly, a rushing ambulance takes the wrong route and crashes into street barriers put up to enclose a pedestrian area. Jean uses her telekinetic powers to stop the skidding ambulance and elevate the people to safety.

Proud of her good deed and how Xavier’s school has trained her, Jean makes her way back to the school. Xavier grounds Jean but is secretly happy to learn how Jean had used her powers for good that day.