Professor Xavier and the X-Men #1: Trial by Fire

(Professor Xavier and the X-Men is an rewritten version of the original 1960s Uncanny X-Men. Starting in 1995, 18 issues were published.)

At the Westchester train station in New York, a girl named Jean Grey takes a cab to the Xavier’s School for the Gifted. On her way, a car runs a red light and nearly crashes into her cab, but Jean manages to use her telekinesis to move the car out of harm’s way, preventing a collision. Previously, Jean had been uncomfortable moving into Xavier’s school, but after this incident, she realises she “like[s] having control of [her] powers”.

Arriving at the mansion, she finds four teenage boys staring at her from a window above. Professor Xavier communicates with Jean telepathically, telling her to let herself in. While waiting for Xavier in the library, she hears a vase crash in the next room. She meets Scott Summers, and helps him find his glasses. Scott introduces himself, but in a brief moment, is called away by Xavier.

Subsequently, Jean is called into the den by Xavier to meet her “fellow students”: Warren Worthington III aka Angel, Bobby Drake aka Iceman, Scott Summers aka Cyclops and Hank McCoy aka Beast. Jean is given the “field name” Marvel Girl.

Xavier plans to train them to “protect mankind from [their] evil counterparts”. While the other boys are busy ogling Jean, Scott brings a chair over for Jean. Displaying her telekinetic abilities, Jean levitates the chair towards her, as well as a book to further demonstrate. Hank is awed and plants a quick kiss on her cheek. Jean is not amused by Hank’s pursuit and proceeds to levitate and spin him in the air to prove her point.

The next morning, Jean is late for her training session. She joins Xavier in the Danger Room’s control room instead and observes the other X-Men in action. Today’s session was a lesson in teamwork. At the conclusion of the session, Xavier tells Jean to pick up her X-Men uniform in the next room.

Almost immediately, the X-Men are called into action for their first assignment. Xavier has located the activity of an “evil mutant” at Cape Citadel, Florida. On board the Blackbird, Jean is “scared”, and observes the rest of the X-Men aren’t taking it as a big deal. Jean has a moment with Scott when she unknowingly puts a death grip on his shoulder. Scott reassures her that they will be fine if they work together.

Using what they have learned from their practice sessions, they manage to hold their own against Magneto. Magneto launches the missiles on the military base at Angel, but Iceman freezes four and Marvel Girl dumps the rest into the water. Angel approaches Magneto again, and is wrapped in metal bands this time, but Cyclops blasts him free. With the help of Iceman’s ice shield and Cyclops’ blasts, they fend off a blazing fuel tanker launched at them by Magneto. Magneto retreats when he realises he had underestimated the X-Men.

The Colonel of the base thanks the X-Men, but is vary of the fact that they are mutants, just like Magneto. Cyclops tells him that they “fight for good”. Xavier is pleased with their performance, and they’ll be graded on this assignment when they return.